Maher: Obama Needs To Stand Up for the 70 Percent of Non-Crazy Americans (Video)

Opinions? Comments? Agree? Disagree? Snob take: I don’t think Van Jones should have stepped down. All it did was embolden Glenn Beck (like he needed the encouragement). Yeah, they didn’t vet Jones (what was up with that, Valerie? Still love the shoes, tho.), but the dude wasn’t exactly Negro Kryptonite either. I mean, he was in charge of green jobs. GREEN JOBS! Wouldn’t you put an uber lefty in charge of that? Pick a team and stick with it. As for Maher … well, Bill is Bill. You know how he does.

5 thoughts on “Maher: Obama Needs To Stand Up for the 70 Percent of Non-Crazy Americans (Video)

  1. Do you watch this show? Bill Maher is actually quite funny. I’m sorry, but he was telling the truth. Republicans don’t respect the president nor will those fringe group crazies that are protesting at townhall events/attending tea parties. He does need to be an asshole and just get shit done. Reconciliation needs to be utilized to pass healthcare, we’re never going to get a 60 majority vote and if we do, it’s going to be the saddest looking watered down healthcare bill. So yes Mr. President, be an asshole and work with the majority of America that supports you, that’s why we voted for you!!!

  2. And I Iknow I can be quite an "Asshole" on here, Stephanie, you obviously have more "class" than me, but when you making "all" brothers look bad because you on some "Chicken George" type stuff, I’m going to call you on it. Bill Mahaer is white so I guess he can say "they acting like pussies"… Somebody else gets it!!!

  3. I agree with Bill. This concensus-building is getting tired. Let’s just get it together and get stuff done and let the Glenn Beck’s of the word through their nightly tantrums.

  4. Fuck Maher!! Again I say FUCK.BILL.MAHER the guy is so RACIST he makes Beck,Hannity,Limbaugh look like Al Sharpton by comparison! And at least with them I know what I’m getting unlike this ‘wolf in sheeps clothes’ prick who hides his racism behind his supposed ‘liberalism’ please a pile of shit is a pile of shit no matter how MUCH you pretty it up.

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