Day: September 13, 2009

Notice, the earrings are off. Time for a Compton-style beat down!Apparently, line officials, as Serena allegedly told one she’d shove this ball down her throat after a disputed call that eventually would give the match and the path to the US Open finals to a rejuvinated Kim Clijsters. I’m on Team Williams, but damn Serena. I thought you were mad when Henin screwed you over at that 2003 French Open semi-final and she straight up lied to an official. You proved me there are levels of John McEnroe-esque anger that you have not even begun to tap into.

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The best security system in the world (the Secret Service) comes with the house!

From NBC Chicago:

“It’s an advantage not having him here, because the security increases tenfold. It’s challenging and really disrupts the neighborhood,” (home owner) Jacky Grimshaw said to CNBC reporters this morning.

(Husband) Bill Grimshaw says he did become accustomed to the Secret Service presence once he realized he never had to lock his house, or worry about leaving his keys in his car, according to a person familiar with the CNBC interview.

… The security on Greenwood is stiff. Both ends of the street are blocked off by Secret Service, and at least two agents are visible outside Obama’s property at all times.

No cars are allowed on they street unless the belong to residents.

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