Tresses and Messes: A Snob Hair History (Danielle’s Journal)

5 thoughts on “Tresses and Messes: A Snob Hair History (Danielle’s Journal)

  1. I think your hair is beautiful. I think it looks fabulous in so many different styles. Though, what was with the bangs in the late 80s/ early 90s? Why did we think bigger was better.

  2. I love the many many things you can do with your hair! I found myself saying, "Did that, did that, wish I could do that, I remember that…" Very cool slideshow!

  3. I love this slideshow.There was so many great styles, yet I love the curly naturals the best,I also noted that the one poster with a male name..comented on your life’s wonderful progressionand the other "female" posters seemed to notice the hair first 😉

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