President and First Lady to Be On 60 Minutes Again This Sunday

Michelle Obama Watch is reporting that the Obamas will be on 60 Minutes this Sunday, interviewed again by Steve Kroft (apparently he is the go-to guy for Obama interviews). The women of MOW are crossing their fingers that no more articles will appear dissecting the First Lady’s anatomy.

If I see one more post…one more article…one more anything about the First Lady’s hair, her arms, or what she’s wearing I think I’ll I have a hissy-fit. GEEZZZEEEE! Do these people really have a life at all! I’ve surfed, googled, and yahooed I don’t know how many legitimate news sites and all seem to have something to say about her outward appearance. No matter what the headline, the content always seems to “go there”.  And ya’ll, I’m sorry – but, I just cannot get into that kind of “reporting” about the First Lady. Like India Arie says “I Am Not My Hair” and neither is the the First Lady.

Here, here. You can see the interview Sunday, Sept. 13 at 7 p.m. EST/6 p.m. Central on CBS.

2 thoughts on “President and First Lady to Be On 60 Minutes Again This Sunday

  1. Awww, wouldn’t any couple just love to have a picture like that of themselves? Haven’t watched 60 Minutes in forever so thanks for letting us know, Danielle!

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