O’Donnell, Hardy Put It Out There On Wilson’s Heckling of Obama

MSNBC contributor Lawrence O’Donnell didn’t listen to Rush or Hannity about the president getting called out as a liar during his address to the joint session of Congress Wednesday night. Nope. O’Donnell tuned into some black talk radio and reported to Keith Olbermann on Countdown that shock o’ shocks black folks are pissed about this latest offense towards the President of the United States. Especially given that he happens to be the first black president and unlike previous presidents the amount of disrespect he’s received has finally reached a boiling point among black folks. But O’Donnell wasn’t the only person reporting this on MSNBC.

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On Hardball, Cynthia Hardy, a radio talk show host from South Carolina elaborated on what O’Donnell only eluded to — saying the incident “unmasked” Joe Wilson to the black community and that this incident furthered the racially charged environment surrounding the level of disrespect towards President Obama.

Hardy said, “It doesn’t appear to be about policy, it would appear to be about race.”

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16 thoughts on “O’Donnell, Hardy Put It Out There On Wilson’s Heckling of Obama

  1. Cynthia did break it down. Don’t expect her to be on Hardball with Tweety though. He likes his Black female commentator like Michelle Bernard…with their lips planted firmly on his azz. But Larry O and cynthia did break it down. I’m still wondering why Larry O ain’t got his own show yet.

  2. She is so right…. and I have the same worries about race in this country…Post racial Huh I think we have just been keeping our heads in the sand and letting racists like this just hide there racism from the public eye. Please don’t hold it against all white people…

  3. No one respects "the dude with the Black wife and two kids". His "free" pass is up. The only reason that that guy heckled at the President because he knew he could get away with it. They learned from the Rev. Wright incident that Barack doesn’t have any balls and wouldn’t ever fight the "white-side" of himself. Barack would forgive and apologize to a white man in a heart beat. Black people need to wake up and realize that he may be their color but he is not their kind. He wore a yamulke in Germany not a dieshiki when he was in Africa. You all better recognize!!!!

  4. Alright, "Chicken George", perhaps you do need to see that Richard Pryor skit on the first Black President dealing with hecklers. Rather see them chop your foot off like Kunta Kinte; cause they already must have cut your balls off, than to see this Chicken George act you doing in the Oval Office. You are making "all" Black men look weak. Yes, there are still some James Evan’s fathers out there, we ain’t all Heathcliff Huxtables never having to deal with racial and poverty issues as if they don’t exist. ‘WHAT’S THAT SHINNING OVER MY HEAD? SUN FIDDLER…"

  5. Oh please, Karl Rove wrote the play book on how Republicans can reclaim power, Robert Parry wrote about the strategy back in February "The GOP’s Anti-Obama Propaganda" [http://www.consortiumnews.com/2009/022509.html]The strategy is simply to whip up fear, anger and hatred. Lie about and smear the opposition. Republicans did a great job of winning seats in mid term elections in "94". They lied and smeared their way back into power [in the House]; and reclaimed the White House and Senate in 2000. Republicans have used this strategy so long and with so much success, they were stunned when it didn’t work with Obama. Unfortunately [or fortunately], Republicans have no other strategy, and they are largely a party of "no ideas" [except for tax cuts for the rich]. That said, … they have been very successful in whipping up their base, and the fear mongering, anger, hatred and lying continue. Nothing new. Just dangerous. Read Parry’s article.

  6. Ace: can’t you come to the table with a little class? Is that so hard?President Obama is supposed to act like a getto thug, with his drawers hanging out, on the world stage? Call Wilson an MFer on TV? That is what folks like you do. What would he have gained? People like you will never understand an intelligent educated man like President Obama.And who cares what he wore in Africa or on the moon. He wears his intelligence in his brain. That is all he needs to do.Use you brain and try to think things through.

  7. Well let me quote Tupac Shakur for those of you so-called "Class educated negroes", when it comes to Obaba – "DIS NIGGA SCARED!" Nobody said be a thug, stop acting like a "bitch". They been taking his heart since Rev. Wright. They know he ain’t got no heart and is too afraid to side with anything "black" except his wife. Don’t be so blinded by the "blackness". Use your brain, how he’s acting as a Black man is just as weak and denigrating to his race as Flavor Flav. Atleast Flavor Flav has control over his "house". He’s a "Chicken George", face it.

  8. Write a letter to your man Obama stating that we are calling him "Chicken George" and "The dude with the Black wife and two kids" and that he needs to MAN UP! That he’s so intelligent stuff is getting old. A punk is a "punk" where I come from.

  9. I think Barack Obama overlearned the lesson of Jeremiah Wright. BHO defended him and stood by him and that defence tied him to Reverend Wright, yet when Reverend Wright did embarassing press tour afterwards, he knew he couldn’t defend him any longer and ultimately it wasn’t worth defending him in the first place. So now, he doesn’t defend anybody (Van Jones, End of Life counseling, gays in the military, etc…) including his own mother (the whole Birther moved was an insult on her yet he’ll mention it that way).

  10. Sounds like we making excuses for a supposedly "competent" bi-racial dude. He won’t defend nobody but Israel, lets tell the truth if we gone tell it. Excuses are the tools of the what?

  11. Totally agree with Hardy~ I just have to say that this Joe Wilson thing is humorous. Aside from it being blatantly disrespectful, I laugh everytime I hear him yell "You lie" I mean clearly he’s a backwoods hick with no sense of grammar. It’s pretty much expected behavior out of people like him. All he needed was a pair of overalls, a pick up truck and his dog by his side to complete the perfect image of the redneck that he is.

  12. Dude may be a redneck, but he did what i have never saw a Congressman do in my five decades on this planet. Obama was disrespected because they know they can disrepect him and any other Black person in America. At best, all Obama will do is give a speech or an apology. They got him pegged. I’d rather hadve a neck that turns red when I’m angry, than to be the counrty "coward".

  13. @ Ace I agree that people disrespect him because they can get away with it, but he’s the President, what is he supposed to do??? It comes as part of the job to be ridiculed. Think back to all the well deserved ridicule Bush received. There’s no way he should do anything other than "dust his shoulders off" and keep steppin. Obama can’t be in office acting as one might on the "street". I mean at least Wilson didn’t throw a shoe at him right? lol

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