Joe Wilson: Totally For A Civil Discussion Now … After Being Uncivil (Video)

23 thoughts on “Joe Wilson: Totally For A Civil Discussion Now … After Being Uncivil (Video)

  1. Wilson had a perfectly legitimate concern. So why did he feel the need to totally disrespect the president during a national address and bring disgrace upon himself in the process? He’s a jerk.

  2. I got my fundraiser e-mail from the Democratic Party at 5:30 a.m.Thanks to Senator Joe "Crybaby" Wilson there. Say "hola" to Gov. Sanford when you get home.

  3. Rep. Joe: (speaking to his row of Congressmen) Ok y’all this is just like the wave at a football game. Obama’s going to say something bad, and everybody stands up, but us. He hates when we do that on TV. But, when he says something about the health bill, we are all going to shout out loud and say he’s lying. Got it?(time passes) (Obama gives a stirring, emotional speech)Obama: …and we will pay for health care without spending a dime of…Rep. Joe (whispers to Republicans) here we go. (out loud) YOU LIE!!Obama: (stops the speech) (angry stare towards Joe’s side of the room)(sound of crickets chriping) (sound of car horn outside capital) (sounds of Bill Clinton and young women laughing and talking in outside hallway) (close-up of angry Hillary in the front row) scene

  4. Remember when you were a kid and you acted out really bad, then your mom gave you the beating that nearly made you see the "bright light"; and then you were forced to apologize. Your apology is all high-pitched and rambling. That’s what this Joe Wilson sounds like. LOL!

  5. How is this any different than people booing Bush or Clinton during their State of The Unions? Politics requires a thick skin.

  6. Not just any "people booing the pesident," Paul. This was a United States Representative (Joe Wilson) who broke protocol by calling out the President of the United States while he (the President) was addressing a joint session of Congress. This was an official violation of congressional protocol–that’s why it’s disgraceful.

  7. September 10: You lie! The classiest way to respond to anyone you disagree with. Obama: There are also those who claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. This too is false – the reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.Joe Wilson: You lie! ‘word’ of the day…

  8. "I may sound scared, but that’s right, I said it. Now, what you going to do, ‘Chicken George’?" – Joe Wilson. NO RESPECT, PEOPLE. I bet you Dr. king wouldn’t have tolerated that s*(* during one of his speeches. "Chicken George" or "Mr. No Respect" or "The dude with the Black wife and two kids" has got to go!

  9. I think "The dude with the Black wife and two kids" should have chastised the Congressman, instead of being so forgiving with Hillary nodding her head like ‘That’s right, that’s right". I just think no does or ever will respect "The dude with the Black wife and two kids", not because of his skin color but because of how he got put in the oval office and who and what he stands for??? I want to have respect for "The dude with the Black wife and two kids", but where’s the sense of pride, dignity, and self-respect? Be a "man", then a politician. We can hate the Joe Wilson guy, but I6have more respect for him than I do for "The dude with the Black wife and two kids". Our people are too scared to do "anything" well.

  10. what is so funny about this whole incident is that wilson fails to detail (which no one would expect he would) on the relations he himself has with private insurance companies (money given in the six figures)…he is a liar and a no integrity goon…these politicians are trifling and it’s disturbing that they have and think they can continue to deceive the american public. They don’t won’t peace or bipartisanship..they want war (reps using fear mongering tactics) (dems bowing out being cowards- fighting for what they can get, not what they can get for the people). I’m so sick of this crap.

  11. Wilson is supposed to be pretty mild; yet, the conservative fringe are coming out to support him … people like Randall Terry.From my blog post last night:"Karl Rove wrote the play book. Just smear people and tell lies over and over again and the “nuts” and “not so nuts” will believe you (probably because they want to believe you). The Republicans succeeded with their “lie” and “smear” campaign and they got 8 years of Bush and Cheney (Iraq and its accompanying loss of American and innocent Iraqi lives; warrantless wiretaps; torture; financial meltdown and massive job layoffs).And now that play book is being used to defeat President Obama (in 2012) and his agenda, even though the American people clearly and dramatically voted for him; and then topped it off by electing a majority of Democrats in the House and Senate.This is not to be taken lightly. These tactics can get people killed. I say that because a large number of people that now make up the Republican Party are very unstable. This fringe group is filled with hate and they are dangerous and possibly bear investigation, but definitely bear watching. These kinds of people were responsible for assassinating John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. These kinds of people were responsible for murdering Emmett Till and Medgar Evers and brave souls who fought inequality, oppression, injustice and racism in the South.Last night the president addressed a Joint Session of Congress and the American people. FOX News Channel decided not to air the speech. Can you believe it? A major news network did not show the president’s speech. Other major stations and networks carried the speech; yet, FOX didn’t and then lied about what the president said. Well, I guess if you didn’t hear the speech, you might believe the kooks at FOX news.On Tuesday, the president addressed school children. The conservatives yelled that the president was trying to indoctrinate the children into socialism. Some parents and schools decided not to show the speech (and some parents kept their children home from school). The children who did watch, said they enjoyed the speech and admired the president. They couldn’t understand what the whole "don’t watch the president craziness" was about.No other president has received this amount of disrespect so early in his presidency; and the president has done nothing to deserve such treatment.Other countries are watching us and are appalled by these “kooks” behavior. The people that these “kooks” rail against (the socialists) have the healthiest people, the cleanest air, the most educated (and its free), the most upward class mobility, the least crime, and they have quality, affordable, comprehensive universal health care.I hope it will not take a national tragedy to stop this fringe group. Now is the time for good people to speak up and rebuke the lies, to take their neighbors to task if they hear lies from their neighbor’s lips. Now is the time to rally for health care reform, financial reform, and a GREEN economy and to focus on positive solutions and to be kind, just, ethical and moral."Read: The GOP’s Anti-Obama Propaganda”, by Robert Parry

  12. @Elaine You realize that the Ds and the Rs are essentially the same people, right? Neither side will ever really reform anything. Look at President Obama’s proposal for health insurance reform; he’s got major corps advising him on it. Do you nreally think they want reform? Open your eyes and realize that big money runs the show, always has, always will.

  13. Democrats and Republicans are not the same. The right wing of the Republican Party is a dangerous faction in that Party. Those are your white supremacists, your kill pro-choice doctors, kill the first African American President, create an all white political party, Muslim hating, Jew hating, and your Hispanic hating bigots.While the Democratic Party is not perfect, I know I’m welcomed there.

  14. Both parties "are" controlled by the same entity. He who has the most banks and finances runs America is the name of the game. America has been up for sale for years. You do have white supremist in the Republican Party, but those same white folks wouldn’t stick with black poeple over a white person in the democratic party. On paper there’s a difference between Dem and Rep, but the reality is follow the "money trail" and you’ll see how Bush and Obama really got elected. it ain’t bout Red states and Blue states, its about who he who ownes all of the resources want in offce. These Presidents are just white and black faces on …. power. And no, not "white power" as we once knew it, trust me.

  15. Ok, I’ve heard the complaints about the Democrats and Republicans, … that they’re all the same. What are you going to do about it? What are your solutions (positive solutions) to solving America’s problems? It’s late Friday and I’m getting nervous because my neighbors for two weekends in a row have been engaged in "turn the stereo bass up as loud as you can". I just need to rest. That said … what was the discussion? … oh yeah, what are "we" the people going to do to affect change?Until someone gives me an answer, please don’t give me that "Dems are the same as Reps" crap.

  16. Elaine, basically all that I can do is to continue to pray for this nation. The same people wo say they were the "chosen people’ in the bible are the same people running things. All that i can do is pray that God helps others realize that this country is being run by a bunch of money changers from the synagogue of satan. All that we can do is pray and wake black people, white people and the rest of "America" up to the fact that America is not running America. Israel has more influence over America policies that the Democratic and Republican parties you still wish to believe in. Pray, sister, and inform people of what you now know. Hitler was a terrible man, but he saw what was going on in his country. It has happened here.

  17. Preach it Elaine! I second it all.Ralph, you had me for a while. I thought you were referring to corporate control of America and most of the world. But then — Whoops! — I think you lost just about all of us with that wild pitch. I’m still dizzy.

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