Hot Topics: Gender-Bending Runner Gets Makeover and No New Negroes for SNL

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Fine. She put on a dress. Did that solve it? In the case of runner Caster Semenya the answer is probably no.

Another season of Saturday Night Live and no new black folks for the show. Just more perky white women. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but considering there’s this black president, black first lady and other, random ass black people, running around in the Obama Administration, we’re just going to assume Lorne Michaels hates me.

TJ Holmes, TJ Holmes and more TJ Holmes. Try to pace yourself accordingly.

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10 thoughts on “Hot Topics: Gender-Bending Runner Gets Makeover and No New Negroes for SNL

  1. SNL is so irrelevant.. the only thing they have had in the past few years was Palin… And hopefully that is over..

  2. I like Caster before the makeover. Now she looks like a man in drag.I haven’t watched SNL since Chris Rock left the show. Can’t SNL get any diversity – black, brown, Asian? I like Tina Fey, but if it weren’t Sara Palin, no one would have watched the show last year.

  3. Who cares how many minorities SNL has or doesn’t have if it isn’t funny? Maybe Uncle Jesse should lead a protest march until they hire some Rainbow Coalition members or pay him off.

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