Fmr. Vibe Editor Danyel Smith Named Managing Editor of The Root

Some interesante news in the world of black media! Former long time Vibe editor and writer Danyel Smith has been named the new managing editor of the Washington Post-based Web site The Root! Congratulations to Danyel to landing the new gig! I love her writing and loved her work at Vibe, especially in the 1990s when the thing was practically my Bible.

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Here’s some background on Smith, courtesy of the New York Times:

Ms. Smith was the top editor of Vibe, the urban music magazine, from 1997 to 1999, and again from 2006 until it closed this year. In the interim, she was an editor at large at Time Inc. magazines and published two novels, “More Like Wrestling” and “Bliss.” She has written for many publications, including Rolling Stone and The New York Times.

Ms. Smith’s career reflects the changing times in journalism, with many operations struggling and some dying, while new ones crop up, especially those that exist only online and are devoted to particular interests. In an interview, she said she welcomes the tumult, despite the loss of Vibe.

“I’m not in mourning any more, just looking forward,” she said. “Something magnificent and major comes out of struggle and sour times, times when people are questioning everything.”

The Root, she said, “just seems like the perfect place for me.”

3 thoughts on “Fmr. Vibe Editor Danyel Smith Named Managing Editor of The Root

  1. The Root is horrible, they actually have folks who get paid to run that site? These are college educated black folks. They have got to do better

  2. Lately, I have not read The Root as much as I used to, mainly because they focus too much on stupid reality shows and why black women can’t get black men. Ugh… Maybe this new editor can make magic there

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