Ex-BET.com Exec. Burns Some Bridges On His Way Out

Ooo! Ooo! Good dirt. I haven’t found any good dirt worth writing about in AGES. Especially about my loathed BET. Seems someone got fired/let go/kicked to the curb and decided to fire off the email of the ages — and the threaten to write a book — about the mess that is BET. Screaming, cursing fights! Backstabbing! Unprofessionalism! An obsession with fealty over quality! It’s like that Aaron McGruder cartoon came to life. (You ain’t neva lied, Aaron!) All in one delicious email from Andreas Hale, former Executive Editor of Music at BET.com. And the folks at BlackVoices have the scoop. Here’s a taste!

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Although I was hired to bring about change, I was systematically shut down. I wasn’t hired to make noise, I was hired to be silenced. The truth of the matter is that everything that you thought was wrong with BET is true.

Over the past year I’ve seen a lot to reinforce my position that BET is too far gone in the negative to turn into a positive. We have all always thought the worst, but to actually see it in action is another thing in its entirety. The unprofessionalism, the tom foolery, the favors, the misappropriation of resources, the bad ideas that reinforce negative stereotypes, the emasculation of men, the meetings that break down in full fledged cursing battles, the unpaid overtime, the tears from employees scared for their underpaid and overworked positions and ultimately the unwillingness to change are all harsh realities that I’ve witnessed firsthand.

That is not to say that there aren’t some good people who have sat in the offices of BET. Unfortunately, the good people are not in positions of power to instill any change. Instead, they work their fingers to the bone just to keep their jobs in this harsh economic climate. The other good people ran out of the door as soon as an another employment opportunity presented itself. To say BET was a revolving door would be an understatement. I came in with a plan to provide balance and to deliver good music to the masses and help make BET relevant again – at least in the dot com world. Those attempts were shut down by out of touch executives who run a dot com but could barely turn on a computer. By those who judge their metrics by page views over absolute unique visitors (that’s ad sales talk). By those who simply don’t understand the internet.

To read the whole letter, click here.

10 thoughts on “Ex-BET.com Exec. Burns Some Bridges On His Way Out

  1. Now that’s a book I’d buy. I hope he names names too, maybe he can shame these cats into some standards.

  2. I love how on the black voices comment section every commenter is like ‘I stopped watch BET a long time ago’… doubtful at best. Is he really a whistleblower trying to expose BET’s wrong doings or just a hater because he doesn’t have a job anymore? I guess we’ll see.

  3. @ CathyfcVideo has been replaced with working one! Sorry about that.@ conni3I’m sure old boy here is a bit of both. I’m sure he’s frustrated and mad about being fired, but that doesn’t mean his tales of working for BET are false. We just have to keep them in perspective and enjoy our buckets of popcorn in moderation.

  4. This letter doesn’t surprise me. I’ve always heard that working at BET was not for the faint of heart. And I would def buy a book about the real BET.—————————————————————————————-@conni3 I don’t have cable. One of the reasons I don’t have cable is because I felt hypocritical paying my cable bill knowing that some of my money was going to go to Viacom. I think that I’m very much in the minority though. If only the people who say they don’t watch BET canceled their cable and let their cable provider know it’s because of BET then maybe something would change.

  5. OMG Danielle, thanks for posting that Boondocks vid! I’ve never seen it and it’s brilliant! Lol This should be a series on its own.

  6. To me the Boondocks isn’t much better than what they show on BET. Most people don’t get that it’s satire, so it really doesn’t serve its purpose.@MonieThat’s very commendable of you, but you’re definitely in the minority. I hear all the time ‘BET is terrible, I don’t watch it’. Well, it is absolutely terrible, but someone’s watching it. I don’t have a regular program favorite program on BET, but I watched 5 mins. of the Frankie and Neffe show the other day. Does that mean I ‘watch’ BET? I’m I adding to the problem?@DanielleI agree, but you can’t deny how loose our lips get when there’s no longer a love fest going on. My question is; why did he take the job? When I read the email, he said something about editorials he wrote criticizing BET. Why work for the enemy?

  7. I thought it was hilarious. I only watch BET when they had on Harlem Heights. I use to be a faithfully watcher of Video Soul, Teen Summit, and Heart and Soul. That was back when the programming was good. Now it is a bunch of trash. I actually watch VH1 Soul more than BET. I wish that TVone could beef up their programming so it can over throw BET.

  8. Any thinking person who has ever had the mind-numbing, intellect-insulting experience of watching BET (Blacks being Enemies to Themselves) can never defend the programming choices there. I’ve always loathed everything about that pitiful station, and the laugh-out-loud attempt to get religion on Sundays. Brothers and Sisters, we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing it to still exist. Without a doubt, Black Americans are the laughing stock of the world!

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