CNN Auditioning New Political Roundtable Show Not Named Crossfire

Remember when Jon Stewart killed Crossfire? Good times. Well, it seems like the folks at CNN didn’t get the joke or point of that devastating exchange. They’re in the midst of casting a new “Hannity & Colmes” style show that is a roundtable dog fight between Liberals and Conservatives. I know, I know. That’s totally what Crossfire, the show that hurt America, was. But hey, they’re running out of ideas over there.

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Mediabistro’s Fishbowl LA was first with the story and threw out some interesting names of possible rountable regulars. One is Mr. Steven A. Smith who has been making the punditry rounds of late with some admirable success. I had primarily known Smith for his exhausting Kobe Bryant reportage in the world of basketball, but who knew? Brah has opinions on shizz. Serious stuff like health care and the like. He’s a regular politico.

Others in the hunt include:

A few on the liberal side were Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks, Roland Martin who’s already on Campbell Brown‘s show frequently and Errol Louis a CNN contributor.

On the conservative side were radio personalities Roe Conn from Chicago, Joe Watkins from Philadelphia and Steve Malzberg from New Jersey. Plus frequent Glenn Beck fill-in Joe Pagliarulo from Texas.

Well, if they do this Mama Snob will be happy as she was one of the five people who actually liked Crossfire. Let them just remember to never, EVER invite any political satirists on the show. Especially that Jon Stewart, or worse, that Stephen Colbert. The thing may never even get off the ground.

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  1. And quit it with the bow ties this time. I find it hard to believe a grown man would wear one of his own volition.

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