Tyra Banks Launching An Online Magazine

She could have done a print mag but she crunched the numbers. Online is where it’s at.

From WWD:

Tyra Banks has produced a reality TV show about a fashion magazine, and now she’s launching a fashion title of her own. The former model-turned-media personality is taking her brand into the online publishing world with the Web-only magazine Tyra: Beauty Inside & Out. Banks had been approached several times to publish a tangible magazine, but given the state of the industry and the growing popularity of online media, she decided to go the Internet route. When the site launches, it will feature an audio “manifesto” that asks readers to dream big, ignore the haters, celebrate uniqueness and seek the beauty in everything.

Even though I am officially over Tyra, I admire her bootleg Oprah work ethic. Hate the name of her magazine tho.

6 thoughts on “Tyra Banks Launching An Online Magazine

  1. agree with the oprah comment…but like Ego says she gets business done. She’s a positive black woman in the media…love it…

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