Glenn Beck: 1, Black Intellectuals w/ Make You Wanna Holler Tendencies: 0

There is some serious wagging of the dog going on.

Professional Mad Man Glenn Beck has claimed his first scalp in his efforts to “purge” the Obama Administration of its Stark Raving Socialists. Or Marxists. Or Nazis. I can’t keep track of what they’re supposed to be this week. Anyway. This past weekend’s victim was one Van Jones, a guy I just had a cursory knowledge of, and didn’t realize was in Beck’s sights until I read up on the situation on Jack & Jill Politics. (I was still recovering from the NOTPiggy Flu.)

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From Jack and Jill Politics:

For the past couple of weeks, Glenn Beck, and really, Fox News as a whole has been going after Van Jones because of his association with Color of Change and the boycott they’ve been running. Beck has employed a number of nutty conspiracy theories about Jones in order to discredit him–but Jones is probably in serious trouble now, and it’s not because of Beck’s conspiracy theories. It’s because of Jones’.

The conspiracy theory J&J was speaking of was Jones signature on a 9/11 “Truther” petition accusing the federal government of being behind the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. (Yeah … what the hell brah?) While it seems odd for a crazy person like Beck to slam someone else for believing in fairy tales (see “birthers”), Beck has been beating the Van Jones Is A Dangerous Radical piñata for weeks and this weekend it finally yielded bountiful rivers of resignation candy.

From Huffington Post:

Van Jones, under fire from the extremist television show host for his background in radical activism, has resigned from the administration.

Jones was Special Adviser for Green Jobs at the Council on Environmental Quality – the so-called ‘Green Jobs’ Czar. Jones’ 2008 book, The Green Collar Economy, was a New York Times best-seller.

The saga began with Glenn Beck, a talk show host for Fox News, who hammered at Jones relentlessly the last several weeks for his radical past.

Jones never denied his past affiliation with the radical left. In the ’90s, he was involved with the group Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), which sympathized with Maoist-inspired peasant movements throughout the world and was organized to protest police brutality.

Jones, however, left radical politics and made the decision to work within the system, rather than try to overthrow it. For Beck, however, Jones’ past statements were evidence that Obama is secretly marshaling a cadre of lieutenants pushing an agenda that is “radical, revolutionary and in some cases Marxist.” (Meanwhile, in reality, Obama is backing away from even including a public health insurance option as part of health care reform. How that squares with Obama’s Marxist agenda Beck has yet to explain.)

Hmmm. He once dabbled in some Maoist-inspired peasant movement folks and was against police brutality. Dear Lord … nearly EVERY OTHER BLACK INTELLECTUAL I’VE DATED SECRETLY HATES AMERICA!!!! Someone hide my ex-boyfriends! With their copies of “The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual” and collections Paul Roberson records! Run, brothers, run! Is it possible we can actually hide the entire campus of Morehouse?

That said, if you’re a black American and you haven’t gone through a militant phase of some kind. (Often spurred after some form of police interaction.) Even if it just involved flirting with the Nation of Islam or dreaming of moving to the Islands, something is seriously wrong with you. But, as my father said, there’s a reason why Barack Obama is president and not Jesse Jackson or Action Jackson. He managed to skip the “Fuck All Ya’ll Phase” of young black male intellectual development. That moment when a young black man finally notices the gross inequities in the world and starts questioning things. Sure, Barack went through a questioning phase and a disappointed phase, but “angry?” Just how angry could that angry phase have been and he STILL managed to get elected? Van Jones went through his “angry” phase and he’s taking an exit, stage right.

Either way, this has worked smashingly for Beck, who despite the fact that he’s lost advertisers for the whole “The President is a racist” thingy, his ratings remain high and now his caterwauling is actually yielding RESULTS. Scary, considering bitching from the fringe rarely stopped any Bush appointee, no matter how ridiculous. (Chris Matthews can keep asking if Eric Holder is going to put Dick Cheney on trial. That shit is never gonna happen.) This latest resignation does not portend well for others if they’ve got any kind of peppery political past.

From Grist via Jack and Jill Politics:

This is all about bitch-slap politics. If Jones drops out, think Beck or the right-wing slime industry will stop? Think they won’t keep going after Carol Browner, John Holdren, and the rest—twisting and attacking every word and gesture from the Obama administration? “Uncovering” people as wildly caricatured leftists? Faux-populist fear merchants are like sharks; they have to keep moving, keep eating. There’s no sating them. Letting Beck bag Jones would be like chum in the water.

22 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: 1, Black Intellectuals w/ Make You Wanna Holler Tendencies: 0

  1. Last time I checked he’s a nazi-socialist-commie…ummm, right.But this is a GREAT point you make: Probably the majority of black men AND women in this country have dabbled in black radicalism and black intellectual thought. Some of us may have exhibited a more militant side at one point or another, and some of us may still be radical to the core, despite how it looks on the outside. All the world’s most renowned philosophers and theorists have read and seriously considered Marxism because it is a serious economic theory that, frankly, makes sense. Nearly all who align themselves with Marxist logic, however, have strong critiques of fascism and often employ Marxist theory in these critiques. That is why Beck’s absurd mashing together of Nazi/Marxist/socialist/boogieman/etc. is hilarious…until we realize that people are taking this nutjob seriously. I hope that people read this post and circulate your important point.

  2. That Marxist thing played out in the 60s and 70s. When I was on campus, students and professors openly declared their communist leanings. I guess Jones caught the fever late.

  3. All this over someone named Glenn Beck…LMAO!I hope Van can continue his work in the private sector or even behind the scenes w/ POTUS. We all should know by now the reasons behind the remake of the so-called "Red Scare"…on Labor Day no less!

  4. Love it! *Blowing dust off ‘The Debt : What America Owes To Blacks’……purchased while attending a predominantly white college in the Midwest after growing tired of students openly referring to Black students as ‘colored’. Did I mention this was in 2002? Better withdraw my application for Dept of Homeland Security.

  5. Jones did sign an Internet petition without reading it; that speaks volumes on his lack of sophistication.

  6. Once again the Obama admin shoots themselves in the foot with their poor vetting of administration member. People can try and spin Jones but that won’t change what he said. People want to angry with Beck but why not be angry with Jones for his crazy talk?

  7. I agree with you Snob, as a 36 yo Black woman I know I went through a militant phase. Heck, I turned 18 the year of the first Gulf War, did the protest thing as well, signed petitions, etc. Like you I think its a fairly common stage many of us go through but unlike Van, I am still working at the micro level in the community. The way he was attacked and now dismissed pisses me off on many levels.

  8. All the nutjobs who are still angry they lost the election must be filled with joy these past few weeks. They still get to assert their white indignation at every turn, and will continue to do so for the next 3 1/2 years. I do not believe Mr. Jones resigned voluntarily, and since he did leave why the hell was he forced to apologize?! I am getting sick of Obama not standing behind anyone or anything that he believes in. His bowing down to racist, frothing at the mouth White America says a lot about how his administration is going to be run. Glenn Beck and the morons who listen to him did not vote for Obama, so why the hell should anyone be concerned about what he says?!

  9. I keep my copy of "The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual" by Harold Cruse always within arms reach. While all of these smoke screen tactics are curiously happening right around the time the President Obama is about to make a big push for healthcare I am reminded of the whole Skip Gates fiasco. We use race and religion to fear-monger and the American public forgets about the political issues at hand. I do wonder however, where the hell are our so-called black leaders? Any one seen Revs. Jackson or Sharpton? To their credit I have not listened to their radio shows or read any newspaper columns where they have weighed in. Now that Michael Jackson has been finally laid to rest they will speak up soon, I’m sure.

  10. White men with television shows rule the world. I don’t care what happens to Van Jones, its what they are using Barack Obama for is what matters. The first will be last and the last will be first. Turn away from this madness people and turn back to God. Politics is not the answer, money has never been the answer, because you can’t serve two masters, moreover, Barack ain’t who he say he is. Black people better wake up!

  11. This is not a big deal, Van Jones has allies, if Beck wants war, he’s going to get it, unfortunately Beck is too dense to realize that he will not win.

  12. What amazes me is how people know little of Van Jones who has been organizing in his community (remind you of someone?) since he was a teenager. Glenn Beck, who was previously a morning radio shock jock who is an admitted coke addict, alcoholic, and womanizer while married, never did any such thing.We can still be twice as good as any white person, but still have to get shown out by a white person who is not even put in a quarter of the work we might have.

  13. he’s a 9/11 truther? i wonder if he believes the twin towers came down because of bombs. if he does, then he’s a bigger idiot than beck is showing him to be.

  14. this goes to show you if you have dirt anywhere, someone will find it. this has happened to countless politicians throughout the history of this country. this type of thing isn’t new.

  15. swiv:There is no "dirt" here just crazy talk. If Jones wants to be a 9/11 truther fine, if he wants to compare Bush to a crackhead fine but don’t complain when someone calls him on it and is offended by it. We all know that if Bush appointed someone that talked smack like Jones did the Dems and the press would have been all over it much before this. Next thing you know, Jones will claim it is all racial.

  16. I can’t tell you upset this makes me. Because I *did* know who Van Jones was. Perhaps it’s from living in Oakland (during my white boy, art school, f*ck al y’all phase). Perhaps it’s from being interested in innovation and environmentalism.I don’t know. But Van Jones is sort of a hero. He’s someone that actively countered the myth that "going green" will be bad for the working classes. In fact, he showed very simply, that going green can inspire the sort of home-grown entrepreneurship that will help to revitalize poor communities while bringing jobs and brain power back into the U.S. It’s a chance to use domestic innovation to change the world.And it was Van Jones at the helm. He was exactly the kind of innovative thinker, dedicated activist that I wanted Obama to bring to Washington — instead of the career politicians and bankers that seem to round out the team.And you know? Yeah the Truthers are nutty. But there was a time there, at least right after the attacks, that oh, maybe 90% of the Bay Area was right there with them. I still think the White House knew more than they let on. And didn’t adequately prepare. And probably should have had more closer scrutiny. I wouldn’t doubt if Van Jones got one of the 800 internet petitions that were sent around that seemed vague enough (and didn’t seem radically anti-Semitic or otherwise Truther-nutty) — and signed it. We ALL signed them. Oh well, now he can go back doing what he was doing well from the outside.Washington lost one of the good ones.

  17. In the late 60’s, I attended an almost lilly-white college outside of Syracuse (major sport on campus was lacrosse); and I wore a bullet around my neck. Several of the small number of Black students had items planted in their dorm rooms. A white student would assert that something was stolen, and somehow the item would end up in a Black students dorm room. A Black faculty member quietly let us know what was going on.For that reason, I put special locks on my dorm room door. I wasn’t an angry Black woman. I just loved looking like I could "hold my own" in a street fight. Hey, when you’ve got a campus full of lacrosse players and lovers, you better know how to handle yourself. (smile)Heck, if you grew up in the 60’s, and went to an NYU campus in the late 60’s and early 70’s, almost everybody was rebelling against something. It was cool to be a radical. Black studies were on every campus, and a lot of the conversation centered around the Black Panthers, Malcom X and the Black Power Movement. Many of the white kids at the larger universities loved the same radicals and more. I know a few presently conservative Blacks who signed socialist petitions (back in the day). I remember NYU telling us we had an option of taking a letter grade or a "pass/fail". Students were taking control of campuses and classrooms, etc., Hippies were everywhere, there was rioting in Harlem, Cleveland, Washington DC (after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated) … we’re talking about dangerous times and exciting times and intellectually stimulating times. During Richard Nixon’s presidency, there was a large anti-war movement (fueled by opposition to the war in Vietnam). Huge anti-war demonstrations were held on campuses all over the United States. We studied civics, geography, world history, American history, Black history and foreign languages, and loved it. We were connected to the world outside of the United States. The kids these days are spoiled and lost (emotionally and spiritually). They worship the dollar, and I feel sorry for them.A lot of us are now moderate and progressive Democrats, some lawyers; but there are a few moderate Republicans from our crowd. If I had a choice between growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s vs now, I’d choose the late 60’s and 70’s.

  18. I’m still trying to see why Van Jones has to leave, but political pressure on Republican Congressmen for extreme political views can, at most, get the obligatory apology statement saved on his press aide’s computer for those special occasions. I don’t see why the White House pre-releases speeches for people who can’t and won’t be pleased with anything less than an ousting. And why is it ok to let shock jock bully this country?I’m starting to think that maybe President Obama needed an "F all yall" phase so he can gather the strength from that experience to stop appeasing these folks. I mean damn, he has apologized and appeased more in the last 8 months than Bush did in the last 8 years. That’s one thing I admired about Bush, he never apologized, no matter how ignorant and misguided he was (and yes, he did some bass ackward things). It’s really time to stop apologizing for looking different and winning, stop being afraid of mis-steps and take the daggone reigns. Beck, Rush and their ilk are only getting more influence by usurping it every time the administration backs down. As long as appointees keep revolving through doors like check out time at the Hilton, the Pres will never get to HIS agenda. Everyone won’t like his plans appointees, speeches, etc., so he needs to stop trying to please everyone. America is obviously not going to join in the love fest and what is the point of remaining neutral to secure a 2nd term if nothing gets done in the first one. I say this with all due respect- Man up Chief!Sorry, it’s a little early, and my Obama love hasn’t kicked in yet.

  19. I told my children that if they plan on getting into politics they better keep their mouthes shut and "never" speak out against white people and what is right for this country. They understand that they only way they can become President is if their mother is white, they are raised by two white grand parents and are backed by two jewish guys. I informed my children that they have a better chance of being a professional model or athlete, than being the president of this "here" United States. YES WE CAN – YES WE CAN, WHAT? Try to give a fair speech to the arabs and jews and the next day they fly your dumb behind to germany to apologize. Apologize to a white, high school graduate cop and you are the President of the United States of America for admitting that his actions were stupid. YES WE CAN, WHAT? Prove that a black guy can get a job if he’s backed by the right people? That’s all that Black people have learned. This guy ain’t no Martin Luther King, he’s a puppet. Van Jones is just another fancy college guy and his "gimmick’ wasn’t fully backed.

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