The Cool Kids: DJ Stylus

The Snob and DJ StylusWhile I was in Washington D.C. this most recent go round I went to A LOT of party spots. Once the meetings were done and the networking was finished, I kicked up my heels a-many a warm and sweaty nights in the Chocolate City.

One of the greatest spots I went to was Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar on H Street and there, handling all the DJ magic was the masterful genius of one Rhome Anderson — aka DJ Stylus. I fell madly in musical love with Rhome as he played everything from Jazzanova’s “Look What You’re Doin’ To Me” to “Mama Used to Say” to Appolonia’s “Sex Shooter” to Prince’s “17 Days” to both the Doobie Brothers and Aretha Franklin versions of “What A Fool Believes.”

I was going to ask him to marry me but then, somewhere around the time he threw on Hall & Oates “I Can’t Go For That” I fell out and died from soul-pop overload. Fortunately Anderson’s ones-and-twos were touched by the man himself, because he was able to bring me back to life with D’Angelo’s “Spanish Joint.” I asked Rhome why he had to murder people with his beats (folks were straight hemorrhaging sweat) and he did not deny the fact that he is a serial dancefloor killer.

For those who couldn’t be there with me cutting a rug you can read about it here and sample Rhome’s wares here and here from that night.

5 thoughts on “The Cool Kids: DJ Stylus

  1. That’s ok, The_A. Not *all* of the spots have been put on blast. The point is to keep the Masses happy.

  2. Maybe putting the good spots on blast will coax the people with good taste to come out of their houses and be social, since many of them have come to the incorrect assumption that there are no cool spots to hang out where people can have real fun and be grown.

  3. I hear ya Devessel. Snob is hitting way closer to home & making me real nervous. Besides, its just the nature of a snob to be allergic to the unwashed masses. lol.Hey Mr. DJ! Now that I’ve found a few cool spots to hang out & be real with good people, I would like to keep those spots clear of the unfun vibe killers.not everyone wants to be freed from the Matrix…

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