Google Stalking TJ Holmes and Hill Harper: Together At Last

Embedded video from CNN Video

If your TV exploded Saturday morning it was because that dasterdly handsome Prince of West Memphis, Sir TJ Holmes of CNN Weekend, was interviewing the sexy scholar/actor Hill Harper about his new book on relationships and marriage in the black community. Yes. Both. Together. AT THE SAME TIME! Be still my little heart. TJ and Hill also briefly mention TJ’s engagement where the Teege says “I’m not trying to be part of the problem. I’m trying to be the solution here,” in regards to his own engagement. Awww. On Twitter yesterday, TJ asked why 70 percent of professional black women were unmarried and I wrote back, “Because you can’t marry us all, Teege!” So true. Enjoy the video. Hopefully it won’t cause your browser to melt. (Thanks, Mia for the link!)

3 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes and Hill Harper: Together At Last

  1. I know you like them, but House Negroes like Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Soledad O’Brian, Hill Sharper and TJ Holmes support the status quo and the masses need inoculations to resist the viral lies they spread. Holmes really looks queer with that permanent eye makeup and plucked eyebrows. Not attractive. He looks like he’s had some work done to lift up his eye bags too — gotta look good for the gig, I guess.If Hill Harper plans to use his law degree to run for office, he’d better get a woman to be his beard at his earliest convenience. I know it’s politically correct to be supportive of the gay lifestyle but in the real world, that will not get you elected. Maybe you could volunteer for the role, Ms. Snob.TJ Holmes and Hill Harper: Together At Last — indeed.

  2. Ok, in contrast to the bitter 1st comment, I thought it was great seeing the two cuties on air and I will read the book, although I do take issue with the idea that you attract good men from positive thoguhts. You get good men by getting on damn dating sites and contacting them and screening them and going places where they are and talking to them. I met a cute guy who was working security at a concert. I just had a conversation and exchanged info and we started going out. But other men I have met (including my ex) I met online. But I meet men everwhere. Lots of good men are in network marketing by the way. They are busy, but are goal oriented, often professional and at some point will want a wife. Also, positive attitudes are required to meet and keep a guy. There is some truth to Hill saying that a positive attitude is important. An open mind is as well. Not just that, if you and the guy don’t work out, you may get along better with his friend, just make sure you have a friend for him.

  3. Permanent eyeliner…please – he doesn’t have any permanent eyeliner or makeup – he looks awesome. And it’s all natural. Believe me. I know.

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