Wondered Who That Tall, Impressive Woman Was At The MJ Memorial?

Wonder no more! Meet Judith Hill!

The folks at Urban Beauty Collective got an exclusive interivew with Hill, the studio singer selected by Michael Jackson to a part of his “This Is It” comeback tour who ended up stunning viewers during her rendeitions of “Heal The World” and “We Are the World” at his memorial.

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Here’s a taste of the interview:


As producers Kenny Ortega and Ken Ehrlich were preparing for the Michael Jackson public memorial, Judith was approached about a spotlight performance for the event. “I had already been chosen to sing I JUST CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU in the actual tour, so I suppose they felt comfortable with me,” explains Hill. “Then, a few days before the memorial, they called and asked me to lead HEAL THE WORLD. I was flattered, but I didn’t dwell in the moment or anything. I was dealing with the loss still. I wanted to do whatever I could to help, especially the family.”


As the world huddled around televisions far and wide that day, we were introduced to this striking woman with the big voice, and a collective question was asked: WHO IS THAT? This amazing singer, just 25 years old, had performed as if she was born on the stage. Of course, the aftermath of her performance was tremendous. She was inundated with media requests, fan mail and industry executives. She immediately was featured in-studio with legendary anchor Mary Hart on “Entertainment Tonight.” But beyond that interview, Judith kept a mostly low profile. “I didn’t want to do so much. One or two (interviews) were good enough to express how I felt, I thought. I didn’t want to prostitute myself,” state Hill. “It was a brand new situation for me to have press coming to me. I was still grieving and processing.” She has only been able to reflect on her July performance after the fact and realize how far reaching the performance was. “I couldn’t believe the places the fan mail came from. There were many, many countries in Africa and Asia. So many wonderful notes from fans saying that something in the performance touched them. It was really touching for me.”

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3 thoughts on “Wondered Who That Tall, Impressive Woman Was At The MJ Memorial?

  1. I posted Judith’s performance on my facebook page. She is so talented! I only hope that now she will get a chance to make great music and the world is able to really see what she can do.

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