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There was a debate in the Snob Household the other day about whether or not President Obama was doing the right thing in giving a back-to-school speech to school children. Mama Snob felt it was the president’s right to do this as a tradition had been established by previous presidents, like George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. Papa Snob felt Obama already has too many problems to be opening up any new fronts of attack for the opposition and that by doing this all he did was “step into shit.”

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From Politico:

The White House moved Thursday to quell the controversy. First it revised an Education Department lesson plan that drew the ire of conservatives because it called for students to write letters about how they can help the president.

Then Obama aides said they would release the text of Obama’s address on Monday, a day before his speech is to be beamed into the classrooms – an apparent attempt to show skeptical parents ahead of time what he plans to say.

Obama’s speech to students was first announced late last month but criticism grew this week, as conservative commentators including Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin said Obama was trying to improperly influence the students. Beck even urged parents to take their children out of school on Tuesday to protest Obama’s speech.

While I could see my father’s POV, I had to agree with my mother. While the Obama’s Department of Education has fumbled this thing badly (with the whole learning plan suggestions to go with the speech that were EASILY ridiculed as being silly), what the hell is the president supposed to do when everything he does, no matter how rote and ordinary for another president, is examined with laser scrutiny in this cycle? Is he supposed to execute his job from under a rock for the next three-and-a-half years because a significant and vocal minority of the US population cannot accept and will not respect him as president? I mean, I get it, you LOST an election. It’s not the first time someone has lost an election. But he’s still the president. If you can’t respect the man, could you AT LEAST respect the title.

Oh, wait. Can’t do that. He’s not really an American. I keep forgetting he’s a Manchurian secret Muslim candidate Kenyan Socialistic piglet wearing Hitler’s bunny slippers!

From Politico:

“The gist is, ‘I want to see what the president has to say before you expose it to my child.’ Another said, ‘This is Marxist propaganda.’ They are very hostile,” said Patricia O’Neill, a Democrat who is vice president of the Montgomery County School Board, in a district that borders Washington, D.C. “I think it’s disturbing that people don’t want to hear the president, but we live in a diverse society.”

I mean, C’MON! He’s the least threatening, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood-style president I’ve ever seen. He’s Will Smith as president, not Wesley Snipes as president. President Snipes might take a round kick to the forehead of the Republican Leader in the House. Smith would just joke about how bad his fake bake tan looks. Which is exactly what the actual president did. That’s how threatening he is to John Boehner. He thinks his orange tone is a color insulting to nature. Ooo. Scary.

Remember when President Bush got those shoes thrown at him and how the immediate reaction of most rational people (whether you liked him or not) was 1) Where’s the Secret Service! OMG! Someone threw something at the president! and 2) Damn, that Bush has got reflexes like a cat! The point was that even if you didn’t like Bush and didn’t vote for him, you didn’t want people THROWING THINGS at your president. Respect the office … even if you don’t respect the man. I get that not everyone is on Planet Be Free, Hug A Tree with President Obama and the First Family. That’s all Peaches and Herb with me as far as I’m concerned. But don’t act like the president is some Pied Piper of Pennsylvania Avenue coming to steal your children away at night with his smooth, Colt 45 — It works every time — charms. If you actually believe that the president of the United States is some comic book supervillan could you please get off the air waves and radio call shows and stand on the grassy knolls of insanity with the rest of the conspiracy fruit loops. Some of us are trying to have an intelligent discourse around here. Put on your tin foil hats and leave the real politicking to us wearing our big britches and big girl panties.

20 thoughts on “Mr. No Respect

  1. theres nothing wrong with this…he should be able to do this…BUT,,HES OVEREXPOSED,,,too much tv time…hes losing effectiveness and and diluting his message,,,to much Obama ,,,hes still campaigning…go sit in the ovla office and work….Preaching works once a week ..not every day all the time…people are tuning him out and when ur mother keeps telling u waht to do…u rebel…way to much exposure…hes hurting himself

  2. This is stupid.Of course President Obama should address school children. He is a caring, loving person who wants our country to do well and he can inspire our school kids. It’s called leadership.Republicans know that Obama will win these kids over and they don’t like that.

  3. While President Obama should give the back to school speech, he should consider firing whoever put together that lesson plan. Only the most ardent of Obama’s supporters would not have a problem with those discussion points.When I read them, I thought to myself that this is the kind of thing Fidel Castro would distribute to teachers.

  4. I’m not tired of hearing from Obama at all! He needs to give that speech, especially because he has two school aged children at home. He needs to show that he is excited about others children’s learning and that we should celebrate their education. If it were any other President we would be all for it…but because it’s B.O. he’s under much scrutiny. Education needs to be a top priority on his agenda our children need it.

  5. You made a good point, Danielle, although I still side with your father. It was overreaching by the White House and why give these ridiculous right-wingers a bone to gnaw on?

  6. I was quite fine with someone throwing shoes at President Bush. Wasn’t at all insulted. And he definitely wasn’t my President.

  7. Obama’s lesson plan" was an issue but:’Neill recalled President George H.W. Bush made televised address to students in October 1991 as campaign season was heating up. A handful of Democrats denounced Bush’s address as pure politics. Bush asked students to “take control” of their education and to write him a letter about ways students could help him achieve his goals, strikingly similar to Obama’s messages.So Bush did it and it was okay but Obama does it and now it’s a problem?So folk really beleive this is about a lesson plan.

  8. Where are all of the black so-called scholars and intellectuals and the self-promoting HRP*, corporate appointed black leader, Travis Smiley on this issue?They were previously falling all over themselves to appear on teevee shows with the white so-called journalist critizng and condemming President Obama for breathing. I would think that the idea that the President is going to speak to school children against the wishes of white america would be just the subject they can delve into to offer their criticism. I don’t have a television so I don’t know what our leading black scholars and intellectual are up to. Are they still answering the call of their white teevee masters?*HRP = head race pimpP.S. These is nothing wrone with the President asking school children to write him letters. For all of you clueless ones the President receives thousands of letters from school children. Many teachers make writing letters to the President part of the curriculum.

  9. Frankly, I don’t think the man can win either way. He’s giving the speech and look at all of the hoopla surrounding it. If he doesn’t make the speech, then he doesn’t care enough about education.People here in Texas are threatening to sue the school district. One person I know is going to her children’s school to watch it with them. I guess she’ll pull them out of the room when the propaganda begins. These emotionally charged outbursts are just too much. No, this is not about a lesson plan just like the opposition to healthcare reform isn’t about the debt we’re in. Fear can be a powerful and dangerous emotion. I remember sitting through Reagan’s speech in school and even having a teacher-led discussion about it afterwards. I don’t remember any objections – he was the president and that was the respect you gave. Children have a very short attention span. I don’t remember what Reagan said and didn’t remember a few hours after the speech.

  10. Honestly, this is a non-issue. Republicans are going to take every opportunity to fart in Obama’s dinner whatever the venue, and the true haters are always hellbent to throw whatever falls out of that invisible knapsack of white privledge at him as well… because their white, with national tv shows… and they can… If it were Bush during NCLB and Tavis Smiley organized a mass boycott of classes for children … would the general public really care this much to make national news?I am rooting for Obama, as I hope as president we all are and should be. As an Idealist, I hope continues to re-write the playbook on how to deal with political haters… and leads our nation toward making the bold moves needed to shaming the conservative race-baiters. As a realist who sees another politician who has to make decisions I know i’m up for some disappointing days…

  11. Although I don’t see anything wrong with addressing school children, I agree with Joe v. that on a whole, Obama needs to moderate how often he puts his face out there.

  12. As Maggie Knowles said above, the real and true problem is that these conservative parents know that Obama will win the kids over, then they would have to answer questions regarding why their parents are not in support of the president. He can never win for losing

  13. What the hell as exposure got to do with it. Everyone was complaining about Bush being out of sight for the last few months of his presidency. I don’t think he’s overexposed. I love to see him in the TV roles and out and about meeting the people of DC. Every other president seemed like they were afraid of the residents of DC. especially the Blacks. This man, he’s damned if he does, damned if he don’t. They should be working on some real problems; like nuts showing up with guns and preachers preaching about wanting him dead and those redneck radio talke show hosts and the Fox news crew. Now that’s where they could spend some time instead of a bunch of racists yelling and screaming about the President speaking to the children on TV. They have only enhanced the children’s desire to know what he says. So now the children will be dying to hear it because their parents don’t want them to hear it. Typical children behavior. I am sick to death of these ignorant people in this country. You would think that they are the majority, since they get all the press. I’m tired of hearing about them and I wish the news would stop reporting on all of the idiotic behavior.

  14. President Obama should speak. I’m sick of the opposition having so much inane air time. Media has become nothing but sensationalized crap. There is no substance to media anymore. Can we get back to what is really important in this country and in the world? Speak on, Mr. President! Speak on!

  15. The current job description for the POTUS includes responsibility for 15 separate departments as the Chief Executive of our Government. So, within the 24 hours of each day the POTUS is managing our:AgricultureCommerceDefenseEducationEnergyHealth and Human ServicesHomeland SecurityHousing and Urban DevelopmentInteriorLaborStateTransportationTreasuryVeterans Affairsand JusticeIn addition, the POTUS has six additional "Cabinet level" sections of his administration: Council of Economic Advisers, Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Management & Budget, Trade Representative, the United Nations, and the White House StaffTherefore, I have to respectfully disagree with the supporters, critics as well as with Mama & Papa Snob. This is not Obama rightfully following tradition, or some tit for the GOP tat of previous speeches, or him stepping in more shit, or brainwashing our kids, or being overexposed, or just being more Obamalicious.This is simply President Barack Obama doing his job.

  16. Can’t use my real name because they’ll "Black ball" me. I say the brother steps down, just like they made Van Kones do. Any Black man that has ever stood up to help Black people will be eliminated from politics. Barack never stood up for Black people. He just had a white mother, two white grand parents, and a jewish backer and advisor. Barack Obama is not the black people’s president, "we" didn’t put him there. He’s a puppet just like all of the rest of these hip-hop "performers". If he was for Black people at any time in his life, he would have been ousted. Be careful, them jews may use him to start a race war. Be careful. You ever heard of "Blackwater?"

  17. JJ:As you pointed out, Dems protested when Bush spoke to kids so why can’t Repubs protest now when Obama does the same thing? I say sure let him speak, just don’t act so surprised when people protest.

  18. He can’t win for losing.We know ignoring the nuts won’t make them go away, but calmly, firmly and resolutely pointing out that they are: 1) talking nonsense and here’s why 2) "playing politics" with everything 3) raising money off their playing politics and 4) nutz.

  19. The whole world lost respect for that brother the day after he called himself chastizing the Arabs and Israeli’s and them jews had his dumb behine on the next plane to germany apologizing and dropping flowers. They had the "sell-out" wearing a yalmika and when he went ot Africa he didn’t don anything of his Afrrican heritage. White people knew then that it was the Axelrods and Emanuels (Jewish folks) runningthis presidency. Black people think they are intellectual, butthey lack spiritual knowledge aka wisdaom. White people lost all respect for him when they realized they could make the president of the united stated apologize to a high school graduate white cop. Black people will lose respect for the man when they open their Bibles and read what’s really going on. this has been going on since 2000 with bush, its just now a Black face on these demonics powers. Wake up, People!

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