Google Stalking Carlos Watson: Yup, He’s Canceled (Update)

My peeps at Mediaite tracked down an MSNBC rep and got the scoop. While Carlos Watson will remain part of the staff his show is “no mas.”

Mediaite has learned that Carlos Watson, anchor of MSNBC’s 11 a.m. weekday show, “Live with Carlos Watson,” will no longer be anchoring that hour on the network. An MSNBC spokesperson confirmed the rumor, which we learned via Mediaite columnist Danielle Belton on her website, The Black Snob. MSNBC spokesperson Alana Russo said that yes, Watson’s hour had been canceled, but that he will remain a contributor with MSNBC. She also said that there is no replacement scheduled for the 11 a.m. slot, which will be covered by the MSNBC dayside anchor team.

6 thoughts on “Google Stalking Carlos Watson: Yup, He’s Canceled (Update)

  1. Too bad for Carlos. Tam’ron Hall betta be happy she’s on with David Shuster, cause cute or not, she would probably be out the dor too.MSNBC doesn’t have enough room for anymore black anchors, they are too busy kissing Pat BuchKKKanan’s azz

  2. Wow, this is SAD guys, I was wondering where Carlos Watson was and googled and found this site. It says Black Snob, guess it’s ok for me to post here, even though I’m a white guy…doesn’t matter. But what does, I think this is a direct coorelation to his color. If enough people weren’t watching, then I thinks that is MSNBC’s fault b/c I found him by chance and not b/c they were promoting him. What could they have expected. I watched him b/c I felt I was getting straight facts, he had interesting people on and always asked intelligent straight up questions. As for the socialist thing…comon’ even I know that there is probably some truth in it, or the racists wouldn’t have reacted so loudly.

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