Don’t Try This At Home: Blogging While High On Cold Medication

The Snob is still all kinds of sick and loopy on cold medication as she battles the NOTPiggy Flu virus that she has. I’ve been blogging through the wackiness of flu-like symptoms and the boxes of tissues, but don’t be surprised if Friday comes and you’ve got nothing but random dribbles about nothingness. Or really bad poetry written about TJ Holmes. Or random photos from my trip to NYC/DC with nonsensical explanations of what is going on in them.

As soon as I get well I will have some exciting developments to announce in Snobland, including some new blog collaborations, partners and projects as well as a peek at what will be part of what I’m calling BlackSnob 3.0. Stay tuned. Same Snob time. Same Snob channel.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got to go choke down some more Sudafed and take a hit of the Afrin.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Try This At Home: Blogging While High On Cold Medication

  1. That is how I feel too – I am on ibrofuen and water. Good job that it is not piggy flu – that tami stuff will make you feel worse. Hope that you feel better soon. best, tricia

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