Chris Brown Went on Larry King And Committed A Massive Fail

Apology? What apology? He doesn’t want to talk about specifics and he doesn’t remember anything! Poor kid.

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From Gawker:

When asked about alleged past blow-outs, Brown simply furrowed his brow, feigned ignorance and let his lawyer try to pin the blame on a probation officer, who was obviously mistaken and made a mistake in citing past incidents in the official report.

Fine, okay. That’s what lawyers do: they make their clients look better than they are. But Chris really didn’t help, for he came off as, quite simply, a man who was doing what he thought needed to be done: appearing on national television in a bid to clear the air, but, in the end, not really clearing the air.

The most Brown did to address his violent streak was to blame his youth: no one taught him and Rihanna how to love one another; relationships get heated; there’s no class on controlling anger. Really? One would think that after watching his mother, who, for the record, we like, get beat up on, Brown would have more respect for women.

I honestly don’t get why Brown chose now to go on TV and talk to Larry King. This might have been more powerful if more time had passed, if he’d gotten himself together, gone through some intesnse, long-term counseling and just layed under a rock, enjoying the fact that Michael Jackson’s death almost made those terrible pictures of Rihanna’s bruised and battered face disappear. The problem with most people who end up as batterers is that they often don’t see anything wrong with their behavior and blame everyone else for causing their violent outbursts. She said something that upset me. I had a bad day at work. The baby wouldn’t stop crying. I don’t take no shit off of nobody. Etc. Etc. It’s everyone’s fault, but their own.

28 thoughts on “Chris Brown Went on Larry King And Committed A Massive Fail

  1. I agree. What’s the point? Where’s the growth? It was great seeing and hearing the mother. She came over as a woman of class. Think she is naive though about the effects of her son witnessing domestic violence on their home.

  2. 1. Chris Brown is only 21 years old. How "articulate" do people expect him to be with no college education. 2. Obviously he didn’t want to get into the details of the events that happened with Rihanna..he couldn’t think of any other way to stop the he wasn’t prepared..but geez…3. Why should he apologize yet again..why is that necessary. He already apologized..his apology doesn’t belong to us..I honestly dont know why he did the Larry King interview. I guess he was supposed to go on there and face the public (again *eyeroll*) regarding the events. It probably was a bad idea..but some things are genuinely out of control. Too many people are biased and getting on the "hate chris brown" bandwagon

  3. Just because you don’t have a college education, doesn’t automatically mean you can not and should not be articulate. I agree however, that going on Larry King is an exercise in futility. *WE* don’t need the apology – that belongs to Rihanna, the person he assaulted. He needs to grow up, accept responsibility for what he did and explore the reasons why in therapy – out of the public eye.

  4. When this first happened, I was sympathetic towards both Rihanna and Chris even though it wasn’t popular to have sympathies for him. I basically felt that since he’s very young and seems like an otherwise good and respectful kid, that he can get some counseling and be successfully rehabilitated.I still feel that way, but first I think that Chris and his entire family need to realize that they are SERIOUSLY IN DENIAL. I had no idea until watching this clip that there had been prior episodes of domestic violence between these two. This kind of behavior is clearly a pattern with Chris and he needs to realize that, seriously address it and get some help. And I agree with Nona that Chris’ Mom needs a reality check if she thinks that witnessing spousal abuse as a child did not have an impact on him ’cause that’s clearly not the case.All in all, every time I see this guy talk about that night it always seems scripted and very unemotional. It’s kind that he wants to protect her reputation by not divulging details but I never get the sense that his apology is sincere and heartfelt.

  5. His camp has miscalculated what he needs to do. He’s not sharp or smart enough to pull off the dodging of questions and pretending he doesn’t remember anything. ]This is a case where doing The Right Thing actually coincides with his best interests: acknowledge what you did and admit you remember it all (even if you won’t go into gruesome detail), put the blame squarely on yourself and yourself alone, detail the steps towards self-help and prevention that you’re taking, state plainly that you fully accept the full and justified consequences of what you did. Do this for everyone to see, then STFU about it. Regardless of what anyone anywhere says about him afterwards, be it false accusations related to this incident, or whatever. Don’t appear to be fighting the expected consequences of being found out as an abuser. If he does this, he’ll have a career again and soon.

  6. The "hate chris band wagon"? What other type should there be at this point? Any female, older than 5, who tries to excuse his behavior in any way enabling him and other men like him. Unless defending yourself, or others from physical harm, a real man does not hit a woman. Those who do are cowards, and would not stand up to another man in the same way in similar situations. chris went to larry king because he is the easiest interviewer out there and will not ask the hard questions or follow up on non-answers. I am tired of hearing how young he is. 21 year olds are out there living responsible lives, maintaining healthy relationships, and dying in wars all over the world. Most without the financial means available to chris brown. His exposure to domestic violence involving his mother, and his past incidents with Rihanna, should have prompted him to use his finances to get help for himself. He has already been sentenced, admitting what he did on larry king, since he chose to come on tv, would not change that sentence. I am left with the belief that he may not be sorry about what he did, but angry that he was caught an punished. Chris, grow up. Women, stop making excuses for him. I am a father to two daughters so this hits close to home.

  7. There are NO excuses for HIS nor Rihanna’s behavior. There are no excuses for his actions AT ALL regardless of his upbringing. He knows right from wrong. However, I do not HATE him. We all have done something wrong to someone at some point. I refuse to hate the manchild. Do as you wish..but I will not advise people to Bash anyone else for anything. I Think the bashing of Chris Brown is excessive and unecessary. He is going to pay his debt to society for his actions. And Patient, you are correct, lack of college education doesn’t mean that you won’t know how to articulate your words, however, I feel people are coming down too hard on him. Its like some of you expect him to talk like a Harvard professor. He spoke like a normal 20 year old IMO. He acts like a normal 20 year old. Again..get off the Hate Chris Brown Bandwagon

  8. @ brooklyn82I wasn’t trying to imply that Chris’ youth or his exposure to violence as a child are justifications for his behavior. What he did is deplorable and he deserves to suffer every consequence. What I was trying to say is that for someone as young as he is who hasn’t spent decades and decades inflicting abuse upon women, he has a chance to be turned around through intensive counseling. He is young enough where the cycle can stop with him.

  9. I didn’t watch the entire clip – it kept freezing and stuttering. From what I could see, I’m also wondering why he did the interview. Right now he’s keeping the events private b/c he still thinks he can save his career but I bet if he can’t, he’ll be writing a book in a few years to tell it all. God help us if there’s a reality show. I agree that doing the right thing coincides with his best interest. I’ll try view this later. I’d like to see what his mother said. My husband’s step father was abusive to his mother. In living through this my husband has sworn that he’d never repeat this ’cause he saw the pain his mother went through. We’ve been married for almost 13 years and he’s never even raised his voice to me let alone his hands. His sister, on the other hand, married an abusive man. She was very young when her parents divorced (this was her biological father) so she didn’t experience much of the abuse. It’s puzzling and sad how these cycles of abuse function.

  10. Why did he go on Larry King? Are you kidding? The record company wants him to sell records. His creditors want him to sell records. His mortgage company…. The list goes on. People need him to make money. He’s a product. A product with a damaged reputation. He needs to rehab his rep. Now why the Larry King show? That’s the one that makes no sense. Twelve to 18 year old girls don’t watch Larry King. However, Mr. King is the king of the soft ball interview. Brown couldn’t have played that "I’se don’t know nothing ’bout dat" game with anyone else, including Oprah. They’s have eatten him for lunch with that "I don’t remember" garbage. It is a massive fail. Especially his failure to console his mother when she almost broke down over her own history of abuse. He just doesn’t care.

  11. The really sad part is his next girlfriend is going to think it is going to be different for her. Regardless of what he says, there is no way I believe this was his first time reacting in a violet manner towards a female.

  12. Larry asked him if there had previous charges or altercations: Chris and his Mom stated there had not been previous charges. This clearly shows they are both in denial. It does not matter if there were charges before- there is still a history of violence.

  13. Fail or not, if his response is unsatisfactory to you, is anyone served by isolating him even further?Is it time for him to go away and be thrown away, forgotten about forever? Would that make you feel better?Everyone deserves compassion, even 20 year olds in the spotlight who mysteriously aren’t wise enough to handle it maturely.We are all better served when we are less eager to hate. This situation is no different.

  14. Chris seems mad that he has to do all of this. He is upset that he got caught. He says he is not a monster and that we think we know her but we don’t on other youtube videos. But the proof is this…. those pictures speak for themselves. If he hit her once out of anger, I could possibly feel sorry for him but he attempted to kill her. He was biting her. Thats unjustifiable

  15. Let’s not excuse any of his actions based on his age. I am 20 and find much of the way he’s acted as intolerable even for a young person. He should be articulate but being an entertainer he didn’t get much of a high school ed so perhaps that’s the cause of a lack of eloquence. And it’s clear he’s had talks with the lawyer about interview conduct. I also found it cold when he didn’t console his mother whilst she almost broke down. And I saw him smile at one point. He’s a mockery. His attitude is blasé.

  16. I just want him to go away. This PR stunt failed, he was stupid. If he wanted a good comeback he should have admitted the whole thing and tell how this has changed him. For his mother to sit there and condone his abusive ways it negative. she said she didn’t expect it – because clearly man u don’t know your son that well.i hope this will be the final scene with him. the punishment the law gave him is not enough. we need to set the record str8….abusers will have non of our airspace.

  17. @true2meShe was abusive towards Chris too? Is that a fact or a rumor? Is there a police report? Where are his bruises?

  18. @ Donnadara: A report was filed in court recently that summarizes 2 past incidents of abuse between the two. In one case, Chris Brown breaks out the car windows in anger. In another case, she slapped him and he responded by pushing her into a wall. I saw it in the LA Times, but I know it’s being reported everywhere. Before the incident, there were rumors about her temper and after the event, there were statements that she hit him in the car. But the police report based on her statement only says that she hit the dashboard. I’m not saying what they did was equal. Just answering your question. General comment: I’m not on the Chris Brown hate wagon either. I hope the counseling he’s about to receive will make a difference. I hope Rihanna gets some counseling, too. I think it’s important for both abuser and victim. And once they’ve had some time to mature and reflect, maybe then they can help send meaningful messages to young people about domestic violence. Until then, let’s keep the media interviews to zil. I do applaud his decision to not share the details or his private conversations with Rihanna. That’s not our business.

  19. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with this whole topic…first thing, so what if the guy could not "articulate" his words… you have to remember Chris Brown is still a young man. Heck, I’m 23 and sometimes I find myself stumbling my words …couple that with a bunch of T.V. cameras and I would be fumbling my sentences too.Any who…I understand that it is never right for a man to put his hands on a woman, but has anyone ever thought and considered the possibilty that a woman can be just as abusive? People don’t generally talk about it but it’s true and you do have some women out there that are like that. I’m not saying what Chris Brown did was right, he never should have put his hands on Rhianna…but again you have to understand this is just one side of the story. You never know, she could have been the one who made the first swing. And I’m pretty sure this is not the first time something like this has happened between the two of them. We tend to believe what the media puts out there on television and magazines and go ahead pass our judgement and label him an abuser, but like I said women can be abusive too. Plus, neither of us were there when the incident happened so we can’t really be too sure what went on before this whole mess was blown out into the open. Chris Brown is a celebrity and he is trying to rebuild his image in the best way he knows how. But remember, Rhianna also has an image to uphold as well, and for him to be so "hush hush" about her side of the story makes me think he pretty much took the fall for the whole fiasco.Again, no man has a right to put his hands on a woman in any way but the same goes for women too.

  20. I think that what he did was wrong. But the question here is should this one obviously monumental mistake ruin his entire career? [NOT!!] I think that he should be punished yes, but not ruined. Come on people we have forgiven worse. I just hope that if Chris wasn’t sure of what was right and wrong then, he is sure now. I agree he should be a man and be accoutable. Do one press conference letting people know that he is a man and he is being accountable for his mis-deeds, and leave it at that. Everything else seems like a desperate leap to get back in the medias good graces. I think accountabilty and some soul searching would be good damage control for him and Mom.

  21. Chris Brown appears unintelligent…Can’t even think straight …can’t put his thoughts into words !!! You do not have to have a college education to be intelligent…people do know how to learn outside of school…but yeah maybe a college education would have taught him not to wear that bow tie

  22. CB is a mushmouth, the kind our communitites of color tolerate. I’ve been an articulate speaker since I can remember, but I do pointedly remember being teased for sounding like a "white girl." It’s a shame that the shame of our communities across America has to be shown on "Larry King Live" to see how not having an formal education and the non-ability to articluate is a hindrance. All of the CB apologists should have their faces bashed like Rihanna’s — it hurts.

  23. Chris comes across as so phony to me. He’s not sorry he beat up his girlfriend, he’s sorry he got caught. Did anyone else (who watched the whole interview) notice that early on he says he doesn’t remember the incident, then later he says before he turned himself in he told his mom everything that happened? How could you tell your mom everything if you don’t remember? I, too, thought he was callous for not comforting his mom when she broke down. And the way he furrowed his brow and pretended that he didn’t know what Larry was talking about when he brought up previous confrontations was disgusting. Then his lawyer tries to play off him breaking windows by saying "that would be vandalism, not assault."This interview certainly didn’t help his image any. He would have been better off to stay out of the public eye for a few years. Then maybe people would be more likely to believe that he has changed and is truly sorry.

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