Four Parties and A Funeral

If New York was mostly work (and a lot of it was), Washington, D.C. was one big, blurry party, hence my disparate amount of blogging from D.C. That and my issues with computer access and other internet related problems. I’ll just say it — I was having too much fun to blog. Or check my email which has now grown to a near unmanageable 409 unopened messages. This isn’t that I didn’t have more sobering moments while I was there. Senator Ted Kennedy died, which affected me in a profound way. Seeing a town covered in so many flags and all of them at half-mast, a constant reminder of what had happened left me without words to describe the mix of emotions.

But while the city was in mourning it was highly hospitable, as evidenced by all the fun I had. I had so much fun I realized I didn’t include many updates from D.C., largely because I had some internet access issues and my computer was running woefully slow. But I’ll clue everyone in on the haps throughout the week. In the midst of Kennedy’s funeral, I seemed to be surrounded by random gatherings of pretty people in D.C. From rooftop parties to Michael Jackson theme parties. I had so much fun I don’t think I want to see a party for a bit. And it doesn’t help that I’m now literally sick with a sore throat, earache and stuffy nose possibly given to me by someone I have now dubbed “Death Cough Guy” who was death coughing all over Matchbox Restaurant in D.C. while I was having a late, after-party meal with friends. Hopefully I don’t have the dreaded Piggy Flu. Otherwise, rather than posts about pop culture and politics, you all will be reading about phlegm and hospital runs.

I’m still having some computer difficulties this morning, so updates might not pop up until the afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Four Parties and A Funeral

  1. " … I’m now literally sick with a sore throat, earache and stuffy nose possibly given to me by someone … "Perhaps you should not have kissed that swarthy Persian cab driver?

  2. Swarthy Persian Cab driver…. Do tell… lolSounds like you had a good trip, can’t wait to hear all about it..

  3. Reading this is like watching a movie about DC. I’m all OMG, I know Matchbox Pizza, I go to Matchbox Pizza, I love Matchbox Pizza! Hey, I missed the Snobsighting @ Matchbox Pizza. LOL. I know. I’m so lame.I hope you went to the MJ Bday party @ Bohemian Caverns. I heard it was off the chain.

  4. As reported on Twitter (and Facebook), I was hit on by a "swarthy Persian cab driver" while in DC. It was hilarious. I joked that he was lucky I like "Persian" and "swarthy" otherwise I might not have taken that as well. But nada happened with said cabbie other than a whole lotta flirtin’!

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