Goodbye, D.C. Good Afternoon, St. Louis!

The Snob is returning home to St. Louis today. Regular postings will resume on Tuesday! I will be sure to fill you in on my fabulous trip as well as get myself all caught up on the TON O’ NEWS that happened while I was away. Let me know what you think I should tackle upon my return to the blog. What news did I miss that is “snob-worthy!” (Don’t forget to include links!)


The Snob

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, D.C. Good Afternoon, St. Louis!

  1. IIIIIII can do ANYthing,Just take a look,It’s in a booka Reading Rainbow…big ups to LeVar. Sad day for TV.& I agree with Nagrom re: Senator Kennedy & his memorial service. I thought maybe Snob needed to be on a milk carton this weekend. No DC Hellos, updates, no weekend musings… just goodbye. I guess we all knew things would have to change when you began to blow up. Happy for you Snob. Safe travels.

  2. What about the Dunbar Village case? It’s far from pretty but it is what is it. The verdicts are in; I suspect the case might be appealed but it opens up cans of worms of treatment of women, who gets to be viewed as imprtant enough to cover. I don’t recall Nancy Grace spending air time on this but endless gnashing of teeth of her usual young white women/children. Of course BET is missing in action. The best/only real coverage I’ve seen is on what about our daughters. Now I know some would view WAOD as one of those "empowerment" women blogs but it still is willing to spend time on this case and the after math.

  3. Andrea:So Nancy Grace is a racist for not covering this story? Who cares what Nancy Grace does? Why aren’t Uncle Al and Uncle Jesse out there decrying the violence against this woman?

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