Goodbye, D.C. Good Afternoon, St. Louis!

The Snob is returning home to St. Louis today. Regular postings will resume on Tuesday! I will be sure to fill you in on my fabulous trip as well as get myself all caught up on the TON O’ NEWS that happened while I was away. Let me know what you think I should tackle upon my return to the blog. What news did I miss that is “snob-worthy!” (Don’t forget to include links!)


The Snob


6 thoughts on “Goodbye, D.C. Good Afternoon, St. Louis!

  1. The_A says:

    IIIIIII can do ANYthing,Just take a look,It’s in a booka Reading Rainbow…big ups to LeVar. Sad day for TV.& I agree with Nagrom re: Senator Kennedy & his memorial service. I thought maybe Snob needed to be on a milk carton this weekend. No DC Hellos, updates, no weekend musings… just goodbye. I guess we all knew things would have to change when you began to blow up. Happy for you Snob. Safe travels.

  2. Andrea Williams says:

    What about the Dunbar Village case? It’s far from pretty but it is what is it. The verdicts are in; I suspect the case might be appealed but it opens up cans of worms of treatment of women, who gets to be viewed as imprtant enough to cover. I don’t recall Nancy Grace spending air time on this but endless gnashing of teeth of her usual young white women/children. Of course BET is missing in action. The best/only real coverage I’ve seen is on what about our daughters. Now I know some would view WAOD as one of those "empowerment" women blogs but it still is willing to spend time on this case and the after math.

  3. Scott says:

    Andrea:So Nancy Grace is a racist for not covering this story? Who cares what Nancy Grace does? Why aren’t Uncle Al and Uncle Jesse out there decrying the violence against this woman?

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