Fashion Bomb Chronicles the Most Stylish TV Students

6 thoughts on “Fashion Bomb Chronicles the Most Stylish TV Students

  1. I think Denise Huxtable is the only person who can get away with wearing harem pants and she’s a fictional character!

  2. Lisa Bonet is a rebel,,,,,and it NEVER came off out of place to me, you could tell that he attitude was sincere.The woman made some DARING(and sometimes questionable) fashion statements,,,,but one thing for damn sure, none of those statements were remotely generic.Hands down, the BEST adolescent in TV ever!

  3. I sooooooo wanted to have Dione’s wardrobe when I first saw Clueless, and to this day, I still think her outfits are "the bomb." Even watching some of the Cosby episodes now, I really like Denise Huxtable’s style, especially her earlier days on the show. And as someone mentioned on the featured website, Whitley Gilbert should be on this list as well.

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