Actual Stalking TJ Holmes: Hey! TJ’s Gonna Be In DC Too!

From T.J.’s Twitter page:

Almost time to say goodbye to the A … again. Headed to DC … for a good cause though. But, can anyone cut me a deal on a private jet?

Hey! I’m in D.C., reporting live, RIGHT NOW! Believe me, if I run into the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the TV News I will TELL THE WORLD. And take lots of pictures.

Wait? Did he just ask for a private jet? I love you, Teege, but you’re the Prince of West Memphis, not the Prince of Wales. Hop on Delta with the rest of us Southerners. Love ya!

8 thoughts on “Actual Stalking TJ Holmes: Hey! TJ’s Gonna Be In DC Too!

  1. Just got finished looking at the pics on the link Afrika posted. As much as I want to hate on Marilee for taking our man off the market, I can’t! They make such a cute couple.

  2. I saw him at the Leon Sullivan foundation at the Kennedy Center….he was looking scrumptious…but hungry…somebody needs to feed him.

  3. OMG, TJ Lemon is the best journalist on CNN. His show should be moved to weekdays. Anderson Cooper does not hold a candle to TJ.

  4. This man is sooooo FINE! I am married and people always make comments about how hot my husband is, but I'm like "have ya'll seen TJ Holmes?" I'm just saying congrats to the woman who gets to taste that piece of chocolate!

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