Day: August 26, 2009


Seriously. It was like bringing a wooden spoon to a nuclear war.

Jay-Z and Drake have recently put out a little ditty called “Off That” because we all know that Jay-Z is never retiring. In the song he proclaims the many things that we are now “off,” including sagging jeans and large chains and making it rain and many other things I’ve chronicled in my “Limits of Blackness” series where I’m all “WTF, my people. I love you, but I can’t go there with you.” I’m all for it. Reminds me (content-wise) of Lupe’s “Dumb It Down,” another favorite track of mine. But the song also disses conservative yak-meister Rush Limbaugh and FOX News talking head/host Bill O’Reilly. You know? Just because.

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