Bill O’Reilly Recalls Spike Lee Encounter, Uses Word “Props”

One, I’m completely terrified of his use of the term “props.” How does Bill O’Reilly know about “props?” Does he use it on an everyday basis. Does he give others “props” on the show? Does he know that “props” is short for “proper?” As in, he gave Spike Lee his proper due? This is like listening to my father try to say “baby’s mama.” It’s just disturbing and wrong. It should not happen.

Two, that is a very Spike Lee thing to do. (From Huffington Post)

2 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Recalls Spike Lee Encounter, Uses Word “Props”

  1. I didn’t realize having conversations while doing your "business" qualified as getting to know someone. If they take a #2 in neighboring stalls, will this make them BFF’s? sheesh. O’Reilly needs to stop with the slang. It’s creeping me out.I wonder if Spike even cares what O’Reilly thinks of him…

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