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Obviously I Went To New York For Work But Stayed For the Food

Last night I had dinner at Lansky’s and walked to a Magnolia Bakery at, near, on or around Columbus. (I have no clue where I go in NYC. I just walk and I’m at places.) I walked at least thirteen blocks and the icing melted some by the time I got them back to The Hudson in Midtown Manhattan. My legs are sore and I am exhausted from yesterday’s murderous day in the heat. I had fun though. I got to hang out with and ride the subway alongside Lawrence of Technicolor Radio. He filmed an interview with me for his Harlem-based show. He gave me a tour of parts of Brooklyn and Bed Stuy. I got to meet a fashion designer named Moshood who I should apparently know, but I’m clueless, so I had not heard of him or his famous fashions before. Great guy though. Sweet and funny. Couldn’t afford any of the clothes though. I met with the folks at and walked through Soho. Again … I bought nothing. This morning I’m having brunch with my friend Christina after a morning meeting regarding a potential advertiser network, then I’m heading to Brooklyn where I will live for the rest of my NYC stay. Thanks for your blog patience as I get my hustle on.



11 thoughts on “Obviously I Went To New York For Work But Stayed For the Food

  1. Mashood has been a staple on Fulton Street for YEARS! While his stuff is pricey…it’s well worth it! He’s a talented designer. I JUST wore last week a top I bought from him YEARS ago…. Brooklyn is HOME SWEET HOME! Enjoy!

  2. kim says:

    If you wind up in Bed Stuy, you have to check out "Bread Stuy." The owners are great, and the business supports budding artists, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. I used to live there for the wi-fi as a starving artist singer! Awesome cupcakes and overall pastry too! I"m a native Brooklyn-nite and I love the African American community oriented neighborhood of Bed Stuy. They still have block parties, which has become obsolete in other places in Brooklyn. I live in DC now and always visit Fort Green and Bed Stuy when I go back home.

  3. Snob Reader says:

    Maganolia uses too much red dye and Duncan Hines mix for my taste. You can do a better job at home.Sorry to hear that your icing melted. Let me know if you want some bakery ideas.

  4. polticallyincorrect says:

    Try Can Man Raven on Fulton. His red velvet is to die for. I ususally stick with bakeries in the neighborhood, they are actually better than the ones in the high price trendy areas. Like I have had better 20 dollar cakes from the Dominicans than I have had at some of those expensive places.

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