Obviously I Went To New York For Work But Stayed For the Food

Last night I had dinner at Lansky’s and walked to a Magnolia Bakery at, near, on or around Columbus. (I have no clue where I go in NYC. I just walk and I’m at places.) I walked at least thirteen blocks and the icing melted some by the time I got them back to The Hudson in Midtown Manhattan. My legs are sore and I am exhausted from yesterday’s murderous day in the heat. I had fun though. I got to hang out with and ride the subway alongside Lawrence of Technicolor Radio. He filmed an interview with me for his Harlem-based show. He gave me a tour of parts of Brooklyn and Bed Stuy. I got to meet a fashion designer named Moshood who I should apparently know, but I’m clueless, so I had not heard of him or his famous fashions before. Great guy though. Sweet and funny. Couldn’t afford any of the clothes though. I met with the folks at Mediaite.com and walked through Soho. Again … I bought nothing. This morning I’m having brunch with my friend Christina after a morning meeting regarding a potential advertiser network, then I’m heading to Brooklyn where I will live for the rest of my NYC stay. Thanks for your blog patience as I get my hustle on.


11 thoughts on “Obviously I Went To New York For Work But Stayed For the Food

  1. Mashood has been a staple on Fulton Street for YEARS! While his stuff is pricey…it’s well worth it! He’s a talented designer. I JUST wore last week a top I bought from him YEARS ago…. Brooklyn is HOME SWEET HOME! Enjoy!

  2. You should have save the Magnolia cupcakes for a Lazy Sunday :)http://www.hulu.com/watch/1397/saturday-night-live-snl-digital-short-lazy-sunday

  3. If you wind up in Bed Stuy, you have to check out "Bread Stuy." The owners are great, and the business supports budding artists, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. I used to live there for the wi-fi as a starving artist singer! Awesome cupcakes and overall pastry too! I"m a native Brooklyn-nite and I love the African American community oriented neighborhood of Bed Stuy. They still have block parties, which has become obsolete in other places in Brooklyn. I live in DC now and always visit Fort Green and Bed Stuy when I go back home.

  4. Maganolia uses too much red dye and Duncan Hines mix for my taste. You can do a better job at home.Sorry to hear that your icing melted. Let me know if you want some bakery ideas.

  5. Try Can Man Raven on Fulton. His red velvet is to die for. I ususally stick with bakeries in the neighborhood, they are actually better than the ones in the high price trendy areas. Like I have had better 20 dollar cakes from the Dominicans than I have had at some of those expensive places.

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