Busy, Busy Day Today In NYC! (Open Thread)

13 thoughts on “Busy, Busy Day Today In NYC! (Open Thread)

  1. Danielle, Please read your email girlie!!!! I sent quite an overflow! Only regard the newest email from me!!!!

  2. South African athlete who won the women’s 800 meters (in the World Championships) has been accused of being a man by a woman or women that she competed against. Now she, Caster Semenya, is being subjected to gender testing. Ms Semenya is only 18 years old. It is so sad that she’s being put through this. And the crazies around the internet are having a field day with this.

  3. Monie:There have been at least two well documented cases like this in the past and in both of those cases the women were found to be men. Snob:I’d like to know how the Plaxico Burress story is playing in NYC.

  4. @ScottYeah but this isn’t someone from behind the iron curtain. She’s known. She’s been competing since she was a kid. So this seems very contrived to me. @SwivI know tons of buff women. That does not mean they are men does it? That’s a huge leap to make I think.

  5. i was joking. but yea, it’s pretty silly. i’d say there are pretty obvious things that’d give away the whole woman thing. like you know…..ovaries. i’m think it’s more of a steroid issue. her performance leaped considerably.

  6. I read a newspaper article about the Semenya situation. Yes, there were other instances where female runners turned out to be men. According to the article, they tested her for steroids and nothing came up. From my understanding, it’s more than just looking for ovaries. She has to see an endochronologist, gynocologist, and several more -ologists. Oftentimes they perform biopsies, to test the tissue. There was even a case of an athlete who looked female, identified herself as female, but when tested, turned out to be male. These cases are rare but where does that leave a person in this situation?

  7. Monie:Like I said before, the tests will settle it once and for all. If she is right, all she has to do is cooperate and she will be vindicated.

  8. I’m looking at your pic trying to find out where in NYC you were. I first I thought time square, but then I think it could also be W 72nd street with the 1,2,3 IRT trains. But ultimately the pic reminds me of The Office when Michael Scott rushed into Sbarro’s looking for authentic NY style pizza, LOL!

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