Now Folks Are Bringing Guns To Healthcare Rallies For Poops and Giggles

Again. Don’t really know what packing heat has to do with healthcare. Why are guns part of the healthcare debate? Is it because you need to hold up an emergency room to get some healthcare? Explain! Things have gotten so ridiculous that as of Monday, now gaggles of people are bringing their small arms to rallies and now a radio show host has staged his own Arizona gun-in when the president was in town (It’s like a sit-in, but with guns) with a semi-automatic. You know? For publicity. Rick “Rob Riggle” Sanchez held the conservative host Ernest Hancock of Declare Your Independence feet to the fire over the stunt.

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From Huffington Post:

During the segment on CNN, Rick Sanchez said, “the more we look into this, the more it appears that it was really planned.” Hancock concurred: “Oh, it’s more planned than you think.” In addition to scheduling the interview, Hancock had also informed the local police force.

As the interview continued, Rick Sanchez loudly exclaimed, “This was a publicity stunt!”

“Oh absolutely,” Hancock responded.

Sanchez pushed on, “isn’t there something terribly disingenuous about putting people on like that? And isn’t there also something a little bit… dangerous about playing these kinda games–“

“Oh, it’s not a game,” Chris interjected.

“—with what I imagine is a loaded weapon,” Sanchez continued.

“We know what we’re up against,” Hancock continued. “We’re up against a tyrannical government that will rob the next generation as long as they can get away with it.”

Although Chris and Hancock were conducting their interview at a health care rally, their discussion focused on guns.

“Is it your advocacy that by having guns here we’re probably all safer?” Hancock asked. Chris “absolutely” agreed. He then went on to explain how he was always armed, even when riding his motorcycle, though not always when he showered: “Sometimes when I take a shower I set it down on the sink.”

Very comforting to know.

Again! What do guns have to do with healthcare? Other than if you get shot you’ll probably need some healthcare. Why has the healthcare debate become this conservative Rorschach test where you take the public option and project upon it whatever governmental fears you have. Some people see the public option and go “They’re destroying my America!” Others look at it and see “They’re taking away my guns!” I look at it and see … “They’re trying to reform healthcare! Can we just talk about healthcare?!?!” Get your stupid guns out of my healthcare debate!

It’s like you’re trying to put on your big girl panties and have a grown up conversation and someone keeps bringing up how Paris Hilton is destroying America with her crappy hair weave headbands for sale at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Hair weave headbands that they never. Seem. Out. Of. And I’m like, hey? What does that have to do with what we’re talking about, only Paris Hilton, unlike, say, a semi-automatic rifle, can’t actually kill anyone with her crappy weave. Maybe you could try to choke someone with it. But I doubt it’s even good for that. Also, Paris Hilton’s weave is not intimidating. I’m not scared of Paris’ weave. Well … not scared for my life at least. Paris’ weave is not trying to bully me into submission or silence a debate by injecting foolishness and pulling radio shock jock stunts. It just wants to make my hair look horrible!

Owning a gun or having bad hair are not against the law, but neither have a place in the healthcare debate. Let’s try to stay on subject, people! The public option is not your new psych test.

44 thoughts on “Now Folks Are Bringing Guns To Healthcare Rallies For Poops and Giggles

  1. Now I think it is just a stunt to get publicity and the folks that bring guns know it will give liberals conniptions.

  2. From the Huffington article: ‘Chris "absolutely" agreed. He then went on to explain how he was always armed, even when riding his motorcycle, though not always when he showered: "Sometimes when I take a shower I set it down on the sink." ‘–That’s golden. You just can’t make up this stuff.cue Chris Hardball…

  3. We have a group of angry protesters now arming themselves during Presidential town halls? One, why are our Republican leaders walking these people back from the edge? We now have protests being held at the end of a gun? Oh yeah this isn’t an attempt to bully pit the healthcare discussion, oh no, it is a publicity stunt. The truly sad part, these folks have been brainwashed so well that they will probably think it patriotic to kill "sum of dem evel nazi librals". The spin for the blood shed has been ongoing, the question is why are these folks trying to push for violence? What is the long term strategy here? I feel like we are missing something. Is it really just a desire by the racists to start their "race war"?Regardless, this new wrinkle pushes the Right’s view forward and shows that they are not interested in a discussion. The time for rational thought has passed for these folks. The lies have set in.Protesters, I have said this before, but please do NOT bring your children to these events. I truly worried that this is going to end ugly, and thus ends the public discussion on health care.Does their sleaze know no end?Peace.Rick Beagle

  4. They’re making a political statement about getting rid of Obama, plain and simple. Poor, sick deluded people.

  5. It’s getting out of hand with these guns. And I agree with Rick that things could take an even uglier turn. I hope people leave their children at home when protesting. And yes, they’ve gone beyond the point of rational thought. I loved Barney Frank’s response to the woman who equated Obama’s pollicy with Hitler. He refused to entertain her assertion b/c it’s pointless. Plus he’s Jewish, what an insult to his heritage. @Scott – I like that you’re pointing this out. In many ways the left is nor more righteous than the right and it’s hard to sift through the bs to determine what’s really going on. I read the linked article but have a hard time forming an intelligent opinion b/c of the source. It’s a shame that journalism has become what it is.

  6. I’m with David Wise. Do you really think you could go to a public function where George or Dick would be speaking and have a gun strapped to ya?.. If so I stand corrected, but I really think that these folks with guns need to be stopped at the door..

  7. Scott, If you care to feel enraged by the inappropriate actions of these lunatics, feel free to join in. However, I will not be baited into a conversation where the premise seems to be some sort of justification for these dangerously stupid psychopaths.Peace.Rick Beagle

  8. "I loved Barney Frank’s response to the woman who equated Obama’s pollicy with Hitler. He refused to entertain her assertion b/c it’s pointless. Plus he’s Jewish, what an insult to his heritage."I just read and watched his video on CNN. Okay, I am still not a huge Frank’s fan, but this sure moved me an inch or two…. :-)It really made my day to see a liberal with a backbone for a change, and more than willing to challenge their talking points and stupidity with the truth.Peace.Rick Beagle

  9. Rick:Sadly you only seem to be able to criticize one side and that is intellectually dishonest and shows you personal bias. I never justified either sides action, I just pointed out someone on your beloved left doing the exact same thing. What does packing heat have to do with voting?

  10. These people are mad that they have a black President who is trying to reform healthcare. President Obama needs our prayer, he has to worry about all of this on top of these extremists presenting threats to his safety. Did they ever threaten Bush with their guns?

  11. it’s possibly a scare tactic. could be something different. either way, is it stupid to present you point in this fashion? yes, is it legal? yes. will it piss people off? yes. the left is just going to have to get pissed off and cry about it. because they’re not committing any crimes.this isn’t a republican "thing." this is a crazy "thing."

  12. "Why don’t these people want everybody to have healthcare again???"because they don’t want to have to pay for someone else’s plan or problems. at least that’s what i’ve gathered from it.

  13. Swiv:Come on, could it really be that simple? Clearly some people here can’t conceive that it might just be that simple.

  14. "because they don’t want to have to pay for someone else’s plan or problems. at least that’s what i’ve gathered from it" Which is a valid argument, but why don’t they just say that at these rallies as opposed to bringing guns? What does your right to bear arms have to do with healthcare reform?

  15. @ snobI’m not sure if you really don’t get it or just laying on a healthy dose of snark. So in the event you, or anyone else, is trully befuddled let me try to help. I couldn’t find the exact quote but Lenin is claimed to have said the first step to socialism is socialized medicine. Try to step over your frustration with that word and see the argument that could be made there. True believers see this as the beginning of the end. Now, with that said, gun rights are to the right what racism is to the left. The land where no public figure dare tread. So if this is a concerted attempt at anything, and not just some dudes doing whatever, it is a concerted effort at movement consolidation. The phrase government takeover doesn’t sting all that bad until it ventures toward the gun safe. So if one could associate the public option with the brady bill a multiplier of support could occur. But, truthfully, I just think the rednecks came out. And there not breaking the law so apparently all they are doing is pissing people off. Which is what they wanted to do in the first place. When it comes to the relationship between this kind of behavior and assassination attempts. These people are the last ones you gotta worry about. I don’t say that because I myself am a gun person( I am, by the way) but by doing this they are putting themselves at the top of every list for observation, including the secret service.

  16. @ BrianSo glad you asked. I could be wrong, but I believe the photo is from the Controversy album period.And I love it. It’s the only picture of a person with a gun I have that was worth using to illustrate this story. It was him or Vin Diesel. Prince with a gun is much more apropos.

  17. "this isn’t a republican "thing." this is a crazy "thing.""I agree with this comment to a certain extent, but the lines get blurred when Fox News gives these clowns their fifteen minutes of fame. If the Republicans think this is a "crazy thing", why are they promoting them?But with that said, we have our first real agreement – this is a crazy thing.

  18. Halfmoon, Succinctly, you are scared, and having allowed people to manipulate those fears you understand why these rednecks are doing what they are doing. But we -on a POC site- shouldn’t be afraid of armed rednecks?Must be civil, must be civil, must be civil….. :-)Rick Beagle

  19. @ rickI apologize for a few grammatical errors in the last one. I didn’t proof read it. I appreciate your well thought analysis of my view point. Very uplifing. I will not reply in kind. But thanks for your kind words. I also appreciate the fact that we share vastly different viewpoints on gun rights and I truly respect your point of view. I was just trying to point out what could potentially be a political strategy. It was not a justification for toting the family glock down to the protest to scare up some folks. As adament as I may be on my right to bear arms I, nor would most gun owners, exploit that right to serve some other political purpose. take care buddy.

  20. Halfmoon,I honestly do not understand your socialist fears – I truly do not get it and if my response was snarky, well let me apologize for that. As a retort though, can you think of other socialist elements of our society that have actually been for the greater good? Why is this issue -healthcare reform- the issue that pushes us into communism, socialism, or even fascism? How is it possible that you actually believe this to be true?And forgive me, I never get a chance to talk to the "other side", but how could you allow these buzz words to interfere with you ability to participate and shape this plan in a constructive manner? Have you seen the mobile hospitals that are being brought into this country to help people get health care that are usually reserved for third world countries? We have a real problem, and I do NOT understand how you can let buzz words blind you to the suffering around you, and worse, keep you complacent while the problem gets worse.I really am not trying to bash you here, I honestly want to know.BTW coming onto a people of color website and telling everyone that they shouldn’t be afraid of armed rednecks was not the greatest sentence in your first posting. 🙂 And thank you for understanding that nothing good comes from a discussion where the other party is bullied from the discussion by an overt display of firearms.Peace.Rick Beagle

  21. You know I’ve been told that if you’re not a socialist when you’re twenty you don’t have a heart but if you’re sitll a socialist at forty you don’t have a brain. I’m closer to the early side of that goalpost so I certainly understand suffering. But I will never advocate trading one tyranny(insurance companies) for another(government). I can buy car insurance from a green lizard in Maryland but the POTUS needs to determine which doctor I see. It just doesn’t add up to me. I think the Fed just wants a bigger piece of the pie. I don’t think things will get better until insurance companies have to fight to survive. Then I’ll be happy. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but big insurance is not gonna lose no matter which way this goes. What was the number, 80 billion, I think from big pharma? It’s just one dude holiding up a puppet on each hand making us think they don’t like each other. Politics is professional wrestling, everybody is friends backstage. So while you scoff at my "fear" I get just a tad humored at your "hope". Throwing money at a problem does not fix it.Another thing, dude I understand the "person of color" reference and I"m well aware of the historical implications of the word redneck but can you lay off the fear mongoring about it. I didn’t mean hood toting neanderthals just rural gun nuts. Continuing to look under every nook and cranny for any hint of racial connotation reduces cries of racism into a caricature. And that is not a good thing. Even a non-POC can see that.

  22. halfmoon circle:Don’t mind Rick, he can only see republicans doing bad things. I’m still wondering why the Black Panthers felt like they needed to bring guns to a polling place? Apparently Rick only thinks that nothing good comes from a discussion where the other party is bullied from the discussion by an overt display of firearms only applies to Rednecks. (as if all gun owners are Rednecks and vice versa)

  23. @Scott – thanks for the other link. You can’t deny the video and pictures. Even if they didn’t say a word to voters, the way they were dressed and what they were holding spells intimidation. Heck, white people fear the average black man so a black man in military gear with a billy club is really intimidating. Here’s what I find upsetting – the comments people posted were full of hate which was disguised with quotes from the bible and quotes for Samuel Adams. The consensus was, we need to get our guns to protect ourselves from these people. These people, not just the black panther party, but black people period. They feel as though Obama is going to take away their rights and give blacks license to do whatever they want. Keep in mind, this is not my interpretation but comments on the message board. These are the same people who are now showing up to the townhall meetings.

  24. Thank you Halfmoon,I obviously don’t agree with you position, but I truly do want to thank you for responding. Insofar as the racial comments, I grew up in Jacksonville, FL there is no digging needed to see blatant racism. Perhaps you don’t see it, and perhaps you are tired of hearing it, but until it actually stops, I will keep on pointing at it and bashing people who practice it. My own little Don Quixote-ism if you like.Anyhow, thanks again, and take care.Rick Beagle

  25. "but why don’t they just say that at these rallies as opposed to bringing guns?"most do. the majority of the people there aren’t bringing guns. the people who are bringing guns are doing it because they can, or because they’re nuts. or a combination of the two."What does your right to bear arms have to do with healthcare reform?"nothing really. but what can you do to stop it?

  26. @ the bunny: That is what I have been treying to figure out. Wheeling out g-ma who is in chemo, who might (odds are not, but that is me and my too long in out of US thing) suffer from a govt health plan…I can work with thisThe guns? As far as I know (and I miss weeks of US news so I may not know much), Obama has said nothing about gun control at any town hall meeting about healthcar (or any other forum…unless you count nukes…and yeah the right to bear arms has a limit), so the guns are there to do….well, exactly what?

  27. ^^argh, please do not mock my spelling too much. I speak and write in Turkish badly, and apparently it has bled into my English

  28. Kopekler, I will be honest, I’m not sure if every word you said made sense to me, but it doesn’t matter – hope it works out for your G ma! Peace.Rick Beagle

  29. Firearms at the healthcare debates are about intimidation. The right has put it out there. I was disappointed w/ Chris. I thought he was representing the left. It is going to come to open warfare because the economy is in horrible shape and the current response by Washington isn’t going to work.

  30. How about we not compare the Black Panthers to the loonies showing up to these rallies, ‘k? I’m really tired of the intellectual dishonesty and complete disregard for history.

  31. "Intellectual dishonesty and complete disregard for history?" I thought to give you a lecture on history but then I remembered the words of Barney Franks and just smiled. He is right you know, you are just interested in spreading your half-truths (on a good day). Three men brandishing night sticks somehow compares to far more people carrying loaded guns? I am not stating that the three men weren’t in the wrong, but how in the heck does that justify the actions of these crazies? And then I remembered, it doesn’t. Peace.Rick Beagle

  32. Thanks Rick, g-ma is doing great, with her government subsidized healthcare (Medicare) :)I guess my point was that bringing the guns is not even a relevant act of protest. The debate is about healthcare, not gun control, so these folks are completely off topic and clearly attention whoring for their 15 min of dubious fame. As snob said, what do guns have to do with healthcare? You want to protest healthcare reform, then do it with a symbol that is at least related.

  33. Rick:Intimidation is intimidation, unless I guess your beloved left is doing it. You state the guns the current protesters carried were loaded but how do you know that to be true? Or is it just an assumption on your part to scare people? I’ll do you one better, here is a story of your beloved Black Panthers carrying guns outside the Texas Republican Convention in 2000. Then the liberal silence was deafening. What do guns have to do with voting, Rick?

  34. Scott, I did not state that I loved the black panthers, that is a fantasy of your own creation. The guns were loaded, because the owners of said guns went of Fox and said they were (or rather inferred it would be stupid to carry a gun without it being loaded). Which brings me back to you. Why aren’t you and the rest of the right trash crowd denouncing the actions of these folks? Is it your contention that the actions of these "black panthers" in 2000 and their "scary black man" visage that somehow justifies these actions? If so, that is some pretty lame sauce…. Don’t you have a backwards "B" to go carve into your cheek? Or a church to bomb? Or … well, one would hope you get the point. Head back over to the right trash sites where your shallow logic is more welcome. My conversation with you is ended.Rick Beagle

  35. Kopleker, Good to hear GMa is doing GREAT! Hopefully it will stay that way! As for the rest of you post, absolutely agree. Well said!Peace.Rick Beagle

  36. Rick:It is very sad that you feel the need to resort to personal attacks instead of trying to intelligently making your point. Suggesting that I would bomb a church to bomb is pathetic even for you. It is rather hypocritical that you will not criticize your beloved left for doing the same thing that you lambaste the right for doing. If you are going to criticize one then intellectual honestly demands that you criticize both. Though it may not have been wise or conducive to public order, both the Panthers in 2000 and the Obama protectors were acting in a legal manner, so why would I criticize either one?

  37. Even if you don’t like the current health care proposal, you have to admit that these Town Hall forums are no place for guns. Acting like this is acceptable calls in to question your real motives, sanity, intellect.These fools are coming in with some serious guns – this ain’t pa pa’s shotgun, this is military grade assault weaponry.I prefer the the plan of co-op pools to pay medical expenses in each state over the current leading plan. I also have a 9. But there is no connection between the two.

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