Not Bad, New York. Not Bad At All. :)

It’s been nothing but sushi, sun and fun meetings with magazine editors (more on that at a later date!) since I arrived in NYC. From hanging with my friend Jada to chilling at The Hudson’s gorgeous outdoor lounge it’s been nothing but posh times on my small dimes.

More after the jump.

This is the Hudson’s outdoor lounge/garden.

Here’s me, chillin.

Here’s the delicious sushi Jada and I ate at Sushi Damo on W. 58th Street Tuesday.

And our desert.

See you tomorrow from NYC!

11 thoughts on “Not Bad, New York. Not Bad At All. :)

  1. I’m so bummed. You ate lunch right around the corner from my office.Course, while you were dining on sushi, I was dining on the small plate ($3.50) from the halal truck on the east side of 55th Street.

  2. Go to Saka Gura and eat for me. 211 E 43rd. (in the basement of the building not the outside restaurant)…I am drooling already

  3. Sakagura ny fav in NYC,,,chocolate Ice cream made with sea salt…Ken sake ….its the best in the celler…tons of sake

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