Leaving for NYC Tomorrow

The Snob will be blogging from the Big Apple Tuesday as I leave St. Louis in the wee hours of the morning to arrive shortly in the city that never sleeps. I’ll be blogging from New York throughout the week and chronicling my time there. Right now I’m cleaning up and packing up to go, wardrobe already selected (and it’s fabulous), hair already “did” and nails meticulously manicured. I just need to check the weather forecast to make sure I have the right footwear as I spend time hob-knobbing and networking. (And walking … oh, the walking!)

Keep your eye out for boring girly crap in Danielle’s Journal featuring pictures of clothes and shoes!

Stay snobby!


4 thoughts on “Leaving for NYC Tomorrow

  1. get ready for the humidity (possible thunderstorms) and tourist mania… of course i’d say you’re more of an adopted ny’er than an out-of-towner 😉

  2. It’s going to be ass hot. Bring tanks and flip flops. And make a stop at any Duane Reade or CVS you can find for 1 liter bottles of water for about a buck and change.

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