Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Yeah. He Can’t Answer All Your Questions. He’s Not Tech Savvy Like That.

TJ Holmes interviewing singer Fantasia.From the Prince of West Memphis, the man who is not my husband (unfortunately), Mr. T.J. Holmes, on why he doesn’t respond to your tweets and Facebook inquires:

Need twitter/Facebook help. Some of y’all giving me hell for not responding to questions. How do I do that from my PDA without spamming all?

There! There! He reads your tweets! (And my blog!) Leave my little Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the TV News alone!

(Also, confused. Why are people wishing TJ a happy birthday on his Facebook page TODAY when it says his birthday in on the 19th. Which is Wednesday? Very odd.)

10 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Yeah. He Can’t Answer All Your Questions. He’s Not Tech Savvy Like That.

  1. i could hear fantasia smile during that interview. many whales were killed to make her face look like that.

  2. I missed the interview! I checked on youtube and cnn but it wasn’t posted yet. Danielle can you post it on this site? Also, @ swiv I’m kinda slow and didn’t get your joke. What do you mean? Just curious.

  3. she had mad make up on. isn’t make made from whales and stuff? LMAO. i think i saw that on ducktales or something back in the day or something, and figured it was right.don’t judge me.

  4. @ swiv. Crackin up at the whales comment. You got jokes, man. But I agree. What has Fantasia been up to lately anyway? Didn’t she say she was going to go back and graduate high school?

  5. watched the interview on CNN’s website…TJ must have got an eyeful of Fantasia’s bust, her top did not cover anything in front..

  6. @ Danielle, I am one of the ppl that wished TJ a early Happy Birthday because the weather man was talking about the hurricane going toward the Bahamas and he mentioned someone (TJ) going there for their Birthday,and hr was teasing TJ it may ruin his birthday plans, so I was the first to wish him a Happy Birthday on Saturday

  7. Hey Snob I wanted to know of TJ Holmes has ever responded to your "cyber admiration of him" or have you met him in in person?

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