Nope. No Racism Here. What Racism? Sez Sen. Claire McCaskill.

For a reference point she is referring to a black representative in Congress, Democrat David Scott, who had a contentious town hall and later found a swastika painted on his office headquarters. He, naturally, was all, what the bloody ‘ell and claimed to be a victim of people’s bigotry. My representative in the Senate, Claire McCaskill begs to differ. Racism? What racism? How dare he insinuate racism … with a swastika involved. There’s NOTHING racial about a swastika. Nothing at all.

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From Politico:

Sen. Claire McCaskill — who went through a pretty tough town hall herself today — told CNN tonight that it was “irresponsible” for Democratic Rep. David Scott to blame racism for some of the town hall anger across the nation.

“I think that is irresponsible to say,” McCaskill said on Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday night. “There may be individual instances of that but there are awhole lot of people who are frustrated… but I’m not sure if it would be accurate to make that about race.”

Yeah. So frustrated they paint SWASTIKAS. Massive fail, McCaskill. Massive fail.

Here’s Rep. Scott on CNN displaying some of the hate mail he’s received.

Again, I can’t believe people are packing guns and painting swastikas over healthcare reform — quite possibly the most boring, complex issue since George W. Bush attempted to reform Social Security and bored everyone into that crashing into the ground. So … um, I don’t think it’s really about healthcare when people are screaming “I want MY America back,” as if someone stole America and its being held for ransom by FARC. I mean, I’ve noticed pretty much no change in my day-to-day life as an American citizen in post-election America and like all change, it has been slow. This is trickle down change. I don’t know what these whackadoos are screaming about. Like economists are saying the recession is over … if you’re a bank. If you’re not, um … you’re still unemployed and the recession is still on.

What’s the problem with these people? Did the grocery store run out of Hot Pockets? Where is all this craziness coming from? Was it Glenn Beck’s tears? Seriously. Is it because there’s a black guy in the White House? Is Obama THAT terrifying with his mom jeans and academic speak? Because if you’re afraid of a black guy in mom jeans, lawd, don’t come to my neighborhood. Every black man over 55 must look like a terrorist in Wranglers.

Sigh … on that note, here’s Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore to add some levity to the debate:

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14 thoughts on “Nope. No Racism Here. What Racism? Sez Sen. Claire McCaskill.

  1. This is the result of the way the media (CNN mostly) vilified Obama for calling the Cops’ actions stupid in the Gates thing. Now some if not all of these other dems will stay clear of any racial stuff to the detriment of minorities, thanks CNN for mostly your part in this outcome

  2. I must say that this anger at these townhall meetings is a little scary. I can understand being mad and frustrated at having no job or maybe no health insurance, but the anger seems to be an underlying anger that you touched on."So … um, I don’t think it’s really about healthcare when people are screaming "I want MY America back," as if someone stole America and its being held for ransom by FARC."I think many people (white people, especially) are scared because they think that everything they have known is going to change now that there’s a black president. They feel as you said that they are losing their America. It’s scary to me, because no one wants to address that underlying anger and what if it swells over on a mass scale. You’re right not much has changed in most of our day to day lives, so there’s no need (at least yet) for such crazy talk especially around healthcare.

  3. I love it:"I thought Obama was post-racial.""Yeah, HE is, WE’RE not."So true, Larry, so true..@Danielle: agreed. IMO, the only people who should be shouting, "I want my America back" are the Native Americans, but that’s another can of worms. Also, some people are afraid of Obama and his mom jeans. I mentioned in another comment that I know someone who thinks he is the anti-Christ. Crazy stuff.

  4. they wan’t their Country backwhat the hell happened in the 7 months this man has been in the White House?has the Country changed that much in 7 months?

  5. Of course the country has changed in 7 months we’re all Socialist now, didn’t you know? America is going to hell in a hand basket and its all Barrack Hussein Obama’s fault. Everything in this country was just fine and dandy until he came along and ruined it all. Ok my sarcasm is choking me now, so I’m going to stop. 🙂

  6. On behalf of the few people that think before they speak in the state of Missouri, I apologize. I voted for her because I’m an unapologetic liberal, but Missouri Dems are a different breed (save for Cleaver). If one even brings up racism here, it’s game over. There is no discussion at all.

  7. "…as if someone stole America and its being held for ransom by FARC"Line of the day, it gave me a good laugh

  8. I think she has a point. A white congressman or woman couldn’t possibly claim racism as the reason for the protesters at their town hall meeting. I do think that some racists are using the health care debate as cover for their views but other non-racists folks just don’t want the gov’t involved in health care. It may be hard to tell which is which but it is irresponsible to categorize all protesters as all being of one type like Reid and Pelosi, who want to paint all the protesters in the worst light possible in order de-legitimatize their point of view.

  9. If this is not about race then what is it about?? Health care reform is needed, all none racest and I would suspect even some racest know that, so the only way that a small minority that wants the standard quo even if it is not good for most can get any attention is to bring out the one thing that they know is still a festering sore in the side of our great nation… Of course it is about race….

  10. Not racist? the republicans have gotten into bed with the fringe groups in our country, and whether you wanted to or not, your message is now colored (pun totally intended) by their warped and twisted views. This isn’t about healthcare any more, this is about the racially challenged listening to the words of DeMint and doing their best to hand President Obama a defeat. In their mind, this is the Big O’s Waterloo…. Don’t ask me to explain why they would think such an absurd thing? I just can’t channel crazy….Peace.Rick Beagle

  11. Scott is right but only partially. I think the town halls have a strong undercurrent of the extreme tribalism that modern American conservatism has descended into. Race is just a part of it—it encompasses religion, nation, culture, politics—the whole nine yards. Some of these factors matter more to some individuals than others, but I’m talking about the overall picture. Truth is, I think people would be hissing and spitting ALMOST to this same degree if the President were a white Democrat. Because we are in an era were demonization is the default setting in politics. I don’t think Dems and liberals have it as their default setting just yet, although the Bush years may have pushed them in that direction. But hardcore conservatives ARE in demonization-as-default and have been for many years now. I listened in astonishment during 2008 as they used the EXACT same lines on Barack Obama that they used against John Kerry four years earlier (especially "most liberal member of the Senate"), clearly relying on the goldfish-like memory span of the average American voter. These people have received Pavlovian training to hate hate HATE anyone to the left of Sam Brownback. It’s uncanny. It wasn’t as toxic in 1993, they say. True. And I have a feeling that’s because, in the intervening 16 years, rightwing media has had a LOT of time to ramp up the vitrol, turn up the volume, settle further down in the trenches, build their influence, and penetrate deeper than ever before into the American psyche. Think they were mad in 1993? Now they’re REALLLLLY mad.Race, as brought to the table by a black prez and a newly minted "wise Latina" Justice, is probably only the final ingredient in this very toxic brew that is bubbling over the cauldron rim and hissing on the cave floor now. I think it’s only the icing on the cake. But it’s VERY VERY THICK layer of icing. That much is clear.

  12. Ok, so maybe not ALL of the anger at the town hall was about race, but how willfully blind can someone be to deny that a swastika on someone’s door doesn’t show that it was definitely about race for at least one person?!??! What was it, a Hindu well-wisher who missed the implications *rolls eyes*? Wonder if she’d say it wasn’t antisemitism if a swastika ended up on a Jewish congressperson’s door?And LOL at the FARC line!

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