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Nerd Stuff: Ninja Assassin Trailer (Video)

You wouldn’t know it from the trailer, as she’s only in it for two seconds, but black British actress Naomie Harris is actually the co-star and damsel-in-distress in this film. Hey! That’s a black girl falling down and needing to be rescued while looking gaw-geous. And that’s Korean pop star Rain rescuing her! Sure. I’d prefer to be rescued by Korean American actor Daniel Henney, but Rain’ll do in a pinch. Rick Yune is also in the flick. It’s like a black and Asian Great Wall of Sexy reunion party! Despite the fact that it looks amazingly violent, I’ll totally be there opening night. May the video game-to-movie curse be broken.


12 thoughts on “Nerd Stuff: Ninja Assassin Trailer (Video)

  1. Siobhan Means Woman of Wisdom says:

    Girl I was all up on Daniel when My Name is Kim Samsoon came out…the man is American and speaks english so YAY…I couldn’t get into Full House but I will bite into some Rain Bi…he is doing it in this trailer. Let me get some Lee Min Ki and I’m set for my Korean meal…now Japan and Taiwan is another story.

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