Live From New York (And DC!) … It’s The Black Snob!

Me at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY in April.

Next week The Black Snob will be blogging from on the road, posting video blog diaries of my trip to the East in my everlasting pursuit of news, justice and a decent-paying job!

I will still be updating my site daily while I’m away, so no fretting my friends. Your daily blog crack will be there for you when you wake in the mornings. Only there might be more posts about me and fewer about … say … people screaming at healthcare townhalls, packing heat. I want to thank everyone who contributed to the Snob-a-thon, as some of your donations will go towards my trip in my continuing effort to gain sponsors, friends and investors for the site as I go East to spread the word of my snobbiness and your support. (Have I told you lately that I love you?) This trip precludes what I hope will be a bigger moves and bigger happenings this fall as I take the site to the next level in interactivity, features, writers, and (cross-yer-fingers) a seemless move from the STL to the Washington, D.C. region.

Wish me luck! I leave for NYC on Tuesday!

Your friendly neighborhood snob,


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