Vibe Magazine To Make Comeback Online

Just when you thought it was dead, Vibe, like a Vampire, has risen from the grave with the help of Uptown Media.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Vibe, the hip-hop magazine that folded six weeks ago under a pile of debt, is being resurrected with a new spin — as a Web-focused publication with a greater emphasis on Vibe’s roots.

A group led by the private-equity firm InterMedia Partners and InterMedia’s luxury magazine publisher, Uptown Media, has reached an agreement to acquire Vibe and its Web site. The new owners say they plan to relaunch in the next few weeks.

They intend to bring out the print edition only at the end of the year and then publish it quarterly rather than monthly, possibly increasing the frequency after 2010. They declined to disclose the transaction’s financial terms.

4 thoughts on “Vibe Magazine To Make Comeback Online

  1. With the rise of blog culture it actually makles alot of sense that they do it this way.

  2. I think that this is great and for it to be fully online…AWESOME…I know that Quincy Jones wanted to go in that direction if he was to repurchase it. Smart move especially in the frequency of the print issues. If its going to be fully online…may their special issues ( i.e sex issue, tabloid issue) should be the only issues printed ala collectors items.

  3. Lol@DavidBasically Vibe sucks. It has sucked for a while. They need to decide if it is going to be a hip hop mag or a 20 something lifestyle mag or a gossip mag or a African American lifestyle mag. Because as of late it has been trying to be all of those things and the mag comes across as unfocused and boring. I have some classic Vibe mags from the early 90’s in my collection and then it was a lifestyle mag and a really good one. Maybe they need to look to the past to survive.

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