Wanda Sykes Gets Political Late Night Talker!

Taking over the old Mad TV slot on FOX, comic Wanda Sykes will be getting her own late night show this fall and The Snob couldn’t be happier. I love Wanda and will be interested to see what she does with her own “Bill Maher-ish” kind of show and I’m glad to see her hard work pay off with a second shot on FOX. (Anyone remember “Wanda-At-Large?” I was one of the five people who watched it religiously until it was canceled.)

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Here’s the rest of the story from USA Today:

“I’m the wrap-up of what happened through the week but from my point of view,” (Sykes) says. The show will feature conversation among panels of guests, along the lines of Bill Maher’s HBO show, along with sketches and topical humor, and will tape within a few days of its airing. And what’s that point of view? She won’t commit, other than to say that though she’sa registered Democrat she’ll be “fair” to all sides.

Now. If I can just get Lorne Michaels to hire Aisha Tyler to play Michelle Obama on Saturday Night Live my work will be complete.

12 thoughts on “Wanda Sykes Gets Political Late Night Talker!

  1. This has the potential to be the smarter, less assholistic Bill Maher. Sykes is smart, funny as hell, and quick on her feet–she’s just never had the right outlet to show her talent. Why won’t they let Wanda be great?!?Seriously–she’s gone through too many shows that have fizzled for whatever reason. This might be the one that sticks.

  2. for real for real. on a side note….am i the only guy who was disappointed when they heard she played for the other team? i mean i know she’s up there in age and pledged with pledging was pledging, but still. she’s a nice looking woman. LOL>

  3. she was hilarious on the Tonight Show with Leno so my fingers will be crossed. If she could arrange another Whoopi and O’Reilly get-together, I would explode with joy.

  4. I loved Wanda at Large – TV1 used to run it for a while. So I’m delighted to hear that she’s getting her own show. I agree with BabylonSista – this could be her opportunity that sticks. And yes, Bill Mahar can be an ass, but I love his show and enjoy talking back to the tv when I don’t agree with the panalist. My husband and I really get going and have to put the show on pause. LOL at swiv – I’m female so there’s no disappointment nor was there any surprise. I loved how she didn’t make a big production about being married to a woman. It was more of a casual mention in order to support prop 8 in California.

  5. Loved "Wanda at Large". She and Whoopi both had shows that were ahead of their time. I’ll be watching.

  6. Excuse you! One of six (6) I watched it too and I even watch the reruns. Of course I also like her on OLD CHRISTINE.

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