Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Cartoon-Style

TJ Holmes and Jai HusbandJai Husband, creator of Kasha and the Zulu King, was delightful enough to share this clip of the Prince of West Memphis, Mr. TJ Holmes doing voice over work for part of Husband’s animated film, an Atlanta University Center Feature Animation Project. (Which has just been picked up by BET, btw).

This a rough clip of the film, which is still being worked on by Husband, et al. In it, my little Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the TV News plays Lusafo, the leader of a group of village bullies. Lusafo is “shaking down” Kasha, “an amaZulu boy who was sold into slavery in Ottoman Egypt and has returned to the land of this birth.”

The film is set to be completed in 2010.

4 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Cartoon-Style

  1. Thumbs down to TJ Holmes. I unfollowed him on twitter b/c he NEVER interacts with or responds to his followers or those he follows. he isn’t required to but if you tweet a comment or question and get a tweet from someone, you could at least acknowledge a few every once in a while. that’s how twitter works. Tweeps who are much more famous and popular than TJ often interact with commoners on twitter. i guess TJ thinks that he’s too good? what a nitwit. even Don Lemon once tweeted that TJ never @ tweets. not to mention, he tweets worthless info. someone needs to deflate that long head of his (TJ’s). he’s not even hot. just another newsreader.

  2. Well Madhavi, at some point you thought he was hot and interesting, otherwise you wouldn’t have added him on Twitter. And if you didn’t care you wouldn’t be upset that he doesn’t respond. Just look at it this way, at least he gives his fans updates on his personal life which really isn’t necessary for they type of job he has. And if he didn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account at all, I would hate to see how you would feel about that! Some people are never satified!

  3. Madhavi sounds bitterand scorned…Yes I follow TJ on Twitter and facebook cos I am a huge fan and he is so so fine, I agree it is disappointing that he does not interact with people that follow him on twitter but that is they way it is, He is really personal with his tweets though…so please do not come on here and spoil it for the rest of us who love him…as Olivia said STOP following him!!

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