Nothing Can Stop the Sotomayor Train (So What Was All That Whining For?)

It’s inevitable.

Baring some Hitchockian turn of events, Judge Sonia Sotomayor is destined to become the first Latino and third woman to sit on the highest court in the land. While a majority of Republican senators plan to vote no, because of their minority status their no votes will largely be a symbolic protest. Sotomayor enjoys just enough Republican support and nearly all 60 Democrat and Democrat-leaning Independent support on the Senate. She’s getting in. Today.

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Just a handful of Republicans are backing Sotomayor, and most of them say that while they disagree with some of her views and rulings, they believe she’s well-qualified. Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri said partisanship has no place in debates over judges.

“There’s been no significant finding against her, there’s been no public uprising against her,” Bond said. “I will support her, I’ll be proud for her, the community she represents and the American dream she shows is possible.”

Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., also said he’d vote for her, adding that politicizing the confirmation process — as he argued Democrats did when they blocked GOP nominees in the past — “undermines the public’s views of our courts and the integrity of our judicial system.”

Which is what the experts have always said would happen. So what was all the Ms. Burrito talk when she’s really Puerto Rican, whacking her like a piñata while speaking Ricky Ricardo Spanglish about? What was the point? And what did it accomplish for the opposition? It didn’t derail or deter a thing. Life has gone on. Many GOPers have managed to offend ever more Hispanics, as if the immigration debate didn’t do enough damage. So what did they gain?

Does this play back into what we discussed Wednesday about the return of the Southern Strategy, only now modified to offend all minority groups — not just black people? Did this help solidify a staunchly conservative, mostly white male base that I would argue is already pretty well-held together? Did that coalition actually need tightening? And how long can some conservatives play this tune with the minority population only growing? How can you continue to be a major player if you aren’t in play for where the most votes are? Can someone explain to be the logic behind the Pat Buchanan wing of the Republican Party?

2 thoughts on “Nothing Can Stop the Sotomayor Train (So What Was All That Whining For?)

  1. Nothing. The crazy must be addictive, because they just can’t get enough Palinating, nominee-hating, race-baiting to satisfy the base. I guess that’s what happens when your base is really, you know, a BASE, like a half-dozen guys holed up in a bunker with their Second Amendment rights and cans of spam. That’s who the Republican party is playing to. They’re needy.

  2. Yes She CAN! put up with the bull and let life go on… They the repugs were trying to derail her by harasement… but they didn’t do a very good job.Yeah Sonya!

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