Hot Topics: Some things Are Too Ignorant for the Main Page and Exercise Is Bad For You … Allegedly

Hot Topics — all sizzle, now with steak.

Behold … the ignorance of Lightskin VS Darkskin. Too ignorant for the main page, yet too inflammatory to not be discussed. Questions like “Why? How? What for? What?” And statements like, “No. Don’t. Stop. Please. My head hurts.” Come to mind. Click on the link. Click on the video and turn off your mind (less you get da brain damage).

Could exercise be bad for you? I want to say NO and to say “stop messing with me, skinny people!” Because this writer is arguing that everything we know about exercise and weight loss is probably wrong, hence giving me ever more excuses to sit around on my fat ass all day typing and not doing.

Top “Gangsta Grannies.” Laugh. I think it’s supposed to be funny. Not as funny as Lightskin VS Darksin, but … really? What is these days?

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