The Snob Returns to NYC/Washington, D.C. This August!

I said I would be back and I will be August 18 through the 28th as I return to the East coast to do some networking and some meet-n-greets with other snobs, readers and the like. Hopefully I can figure out why my video equipment keeps cutting off my last words so I can do video blogs from NYC/DC that don’t all end like this clip I posted.

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Also, don’t forget to vote for The Snob in this year’s Black Weblog Awards. I’m up in four categories, Best Culture Blog, Best Political Blog, Best Writing in A Blog and Best Post Series for my Mothers and Daughters piece.

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3 thoughts on “The Snob Returns to NYC/Washington, D.C. This August!

  1. Danielle,Until Youtube fixes that problem you could add your Snob logo or your name or other wise promote your blog at the end for a few seconds to give that needed extra time. If that gets cut short it will not matter so much.– DBB

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