The Black Snob’s Top Ten Posts: #9-8 Fashionably Speaking About Shelly O.

#9. Michelle Obama Still Dresses Better Than You

Still a top post whenever someone keys in the search terms “Michelle Obama and Fashion” and next to TJ Holmes, she’s the number one reason many people originally stumbled upon my site. Early on when no one was writing about Michelle’s clothes online, The Snob was and with aplomb. To this day, the two most popular fashion posts are “Michelle Obama Dresses Better Than You” and “The Michelle Obama Fashion Retrospective,” all featuring clothes from the campaign trail.

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#8. Condi Rice and Michelle Obama Have a Fashion-Off

This is another Michelle Obama fashion related post that went above and beyond the call of duty when I pit then Secy. of State Condoleezza Rice against then future First Lady Michelle Obama in a “killer bob off” of fashion. Myself, biased, had Shelly pegged as the winner, but believe me, Killer Condi really got her fashion game together in that second term.

Here’s a taste:

There can only be one: Killer Bob Condi Versus La Femme Obama

This may surprise some, but while I pretty much believe Condoleezza Rice was an abysmal National Security Adviser and Secy. of State, I don’t dislike the woman. She is smart and seems nice outside of her world-wrecking job. I can also relate to her middle class, classical piano playing upbringing and lifetime of having to compete against white peers, expected to be the best of the best, and dealing with that pressure.

So in that respects, I tip my hat to her accomplishments, but shake my head to uber-allegiance to her BFF-in-chief. She was more an enabler than adviser with Dick Cheney taking on that role and muscling her, as well as then Secy. of State Colin Powell, out.

That said, I’ve enjoyed how Condi Rice’s wardrobe drastically improved after she became Secy. of State. A lot of women struggle to balance power with femininity (see Clinton, Hillary and “pantsuits”), but Condi seemed to find that yin and yang quite gracefully, whether dressing like a chic Darth Vader in knee high black boots to address the troops, or a pastel and tan arrangement of designer and tailored suits.

While I adore Michelle Obama and her often eclectic yet classic fashion sense (which also balances femininity with family and business), the two have very different looks — even when wearing similar duds. And while they’re playing on different sides of the political aisle I’d love to see them go shopping together. If only because I want the answer to this question — who rocks it best?

Let the fashion-off begin!

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