The Black Snob’s Top Ten Posts: #7-5

In honor of The Black Snob reaching one million hits we’re looking back at the top 10 posts of the last two years.

#7. Doomed Romance Is Gonna Get You

This was the post series where love went to die. Featuring the tales of actual BlackSnob readers as well as my own stories, Doomed Romance was all about love that just didn’t work out no matter how badly you wanted it to.

Here’s a sample from one story:

I both want him to be the one and don’t want him to be the one. If he is the one I think of all the things I need and want that I will have to learn to live without. And I don’t want that. If he isn’t the one I wonder if I will ever met a man like him again in a million years. So brilliant yet so conflicted. So fascinating and memorizing. He’s like a novel that I’d love to read over and over again. He’s amazingly complex in all the ways I like. He’s intelligent, spiritual, independent, strong sense of self, mature, logical … most of the time, physically strong, nice teeth, beautiful hair, dark skin and patient. He loves animals. He loves his people – in a love/hate sort of way. He’s honorable in a way that most men are not honorable anymore.

But is he what I want?

More after the jump.

#6. Top Pundit

I get it. Ya’ll love you some Donna Brazile.

#5. The Ed Bradley Award For Journalistic Hotness

In the first and only year the award was given TJ Holmes was the winner, but what a top ten it was, including Anderson Cooper, Tiki Barber, Matt Lauer, Don Lemon and many, many more ridiculously good looking newsmen. Yeah, no one could ever replace Ed, but who could? That’s why I named an award for him.

Here’s a sample of what I wrote about CBS’ Scott Pelley:

6. Scott Pelley (CBS/60 Minutes): I’ve always enjoyed Scott Pelley’s reporting style, but I didn’t notice his fierceness until he filled in for Katie Couric one day. He sat at that desk and opened the news with things, ever-so-slightly eschew. He looked down, then cocked an eyebrow at the camera, looking America in the eye as he ripped off his eyeglasses suddenly then read the news with such ferocity that it turned into one of the best dramatic news reading I’d heard in years. I can’t even remember what the news was that day, but I remembered the dash and daring do of his anchoring. When he spoke with such earnestness and urgency in a ridiculous Ron Burgundy way I thought, “Gunga Dan? Have you returned to me?” Man, that was so hot I almost needed a cigarette afterwards and I don’t even smoke. He was like a thunderbolt from news heaven. I love a guy who treats news reading like grand theater. A guy who straight makes love to the news. This was much better than watching him look like an ass in his interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad where there was little substance in what should have been an amazing news “get.” But Scotty redeemed himself on other stories were he was hot. Like walking around burning embers and falling trees in the forever burning American west, or trying to out-grey, fellow grey-headed eco action man Anderson Cooper by hanging out at the bottom of the world looking for global warming. Manly nerds. God bless ’em.

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