The Black Snob’s Top Ten Posts: #4-2

#4. Google Stalking TJ Holmes

If ever there were a team mascot for Team BlackSnob, TJ Holmes would be it. If I could, I would plaster his moniker on everything from the masthead to the footnotes and even though he is off to wed some woman who is not me, I still lurve him, my fair Prince of West Memphis, the Reese Peanut Butter Cup of the TV News, Mr. TJ Holmes. Relive all my Google Stalking Glory here.

#3. Mothers & Daughters

Do you have some tissue handy because you’re going to need it to make it through this gut wrenching, reader submitted series about mother daughter relations. It’s not perfect, it’s not always pretty. But the stories are raw, honest and real.

#2. Unconventional Wisdom

Our current, but uncompleted series, taking a look at the topics of the day and wondering if our points of view are exactly accurate or is there another way of looking at things. Get caught up on the series here and read what we’ve been flapping our yaps about on the blog.

One thought on “The Black Snob’s Top Ten Posts: #4-2

  1. Loved the Mothers & Daughters series. I know of relatives, friends, and coworkers who’d be able to identify with them.

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