The Black Snob’s Top Ten Posts: #1 Black Conservatives On Obama


#1. Black Conservatives On Obama

How to you receive a guy who is the culmination of your dreams but holds on to the politics of your nightmares? Do you vote with your heart or your head? This was the question I posed during the heat of the 2008 election, wondering which black conservatives would vote for history and which would hold fast to their views and vote party. Some of my predictions were correct. Some we’ll never know. But either way, it remains my most popular and enduring story series as I chronicled everyone from Clarence Thomas to Amy Holmes. Relive it all by clicking through the following:

List of stories after the jump.

Sunday: Amy Holmes
Monday: Condoleezza Rice
Tuesday: Ward Connerly
Wednesday: Shelby Steele
Thursday: Alan Keyes
Friday: JC Watts
Saturday: Colin Powell
Sunday: Armstrong Williams
Monday: Michael Steele
Tuesday: John McWhorter
Wednesday: LaShawn Barber and Herman Cain
Thursday: Star Parker and Eric Wallace
Friday: Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell
Saturday: Juan Williams
Sunday: A final analysis, “Who Would Clarence Thomas Vote For?”

3 thoughts on “The Black Snob’s Top Ten Posts: #1 Black Conservatives On Obama

  1. Danielle, the links to the older stories above aren’t working. I took out the "imported data" part of the URLs and that seemed to do the trick. Just wanted to let you know because I’m having so much fun going back through them. 🙂

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