Day: August 4, 2009


#1. Black Conservatives On Obama

How to you receive a guy who is the culmination of your dreams but holds on to the politics of your nightmares? Do you vote with your heart or your head? This was the question I posed during the heat of the 2008 election, wondering which black conservatives would vote for history and which would hold fast to their views and vote party. Some of my predictions were correct. Some we’ll never know. But either way, it remains my most popular and enduring story series as I chronicled everyone from Clarence Thomas to Amy Holmes. Relive it all by clicking through the following:

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In honor of The Black Snob reaching one million hits we’re looking back at the top 10 posts of the last two years.

#7. Doomed Romance Is Gonna Get You

This was the post series where love went to die. Featuring the tales of actual BlackSnob readers as well as my own stories, Doomed Romance was all about love that just didn’t work out no matter how badly you wanted it to.

Here’s a sample from one story:

I both want him to be the one and don’t want him to be the one. If he is the one I think of all the things I need and want that I will have to learn to live without. And I don’t want that. If he isn’t the one I wonder if I will ever met a man like him again in a million years. So brilliant yet so conflicted. So fascinating and memorizing. He’s like a novel that I’d love to read over and over again. He’s amazingly complex in all the ways I like. He’s intelligent, spiritual, independent, strong sense of self, mature, logical … most of the time, physically strong, nice teeth, beautiful hair, dark skin and patient. He loves animals. He loves his people – in a love/hate sort of way. He’s honorable in a way that most men are not honorable anymore.

But is he what I want?

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#9. Michelle Obama Still Dresses Better Than You

Still a top post whenever someone keys in the search terms “Michelle Obama and Fashion” and next to TJ Holmes, she’s the number one reason many people originally stumbled upon my site. Early on when no one was writing about Michelle’s clothes online, The Snob was and with aplomb. To this day, the two most popular fashion posts are “Michelle Obama Dresses Better Than You” and “The Michelle Obama Fashion Retrospective,” all featuring clothes from the campaign trail.

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