Media Matters Throws Down Gauntlet on CNN, Dobbs and Birthers

4 thoughts on “Media Matters Throws Down Gauntlet on CNN, Dobbs and Birthers

  1. i find it funny when someone says something people don’t agree with, said people go on the attack and not attack the position, but attack the person.

  2. Said position has been debunked several times already, and on Dobb’s own show. Actually, he doesn’t really have any position in the matter, only that Obama should entertain conspiracy theorists. He’s basically trying to expand his fanbase by playing the fool; I’m glad it’s backfiring.

  3. The only thing that "disturbs" me about this ad is the amount of time they say birth certificate, and the far too little time they spend calling this a racist ploy. I am glad that they are standing up, but dang it, I’m from the old school of calling a fool a fool in the most clear and precise language possible.Example, here is a picture of the birth certificate and the website to prove it (just pull the factchecks stuff) so please (be polite before the thunder) you racists stfu and quit pretending you have an "issue". Oh, and FU ignorant trailer trash POS….. Just saying….

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