Brevity Is Your Friend (Comments)

There have been a few offenders lately (you know who you are) who have been leaving novels in the place of blog comments. We get it. You have a lot to say or you don’t agree or whatever. But no one is going to read a lick of what you say when you write a response five times longer than the actual blog post. If you have THAT much to say, perhaps you should start your own blog or maybe you could just send it to me in an email. I don’t really care. Just stop taking up so much real estate on the comments. Few people will read anything that long. Even I just end up skimming it for curse words and racial/sexual epithets. So, please. Don’t post a book. I don’t mind the occasional long comment, but damn, be respectful of the other folks who would like to leave a comment or two and don’t feel like wading through your college dissertation.


Your friendly neighborhood snob,

10 thoughts on “Brevity Is Your Friend (Comments)

  1. I saw that looooong comment. Actually it scared me. Wax figures bring out the worst in people.

  2. Amen! By the time a post is super long, it also tends to sound super preachy. Just like I tell my 8th grade writers, get to the point! Suggestion! Maybe a Wrap It Up pop up box could work?

  3. It’s sheer pomposity. Remember, people, the rule in publishing. The only person who’s going to read every word is your mother.

  4. Had a few longish posts myself. Sorry if I’m contributing to the problem. Get a little fired up at times.

  5. Um, not to get off the subject, but I just clicked on of your sponsors and was sent tohere. Um, that is a whacked out right winged racism spouting site. I do not know how you get your sponsors, but if you have the ability, you might want to rethink that one.Quote from the comments section on the healthcare article (be warned, this is disgusting):"Read below the 2004 direct statement and quote from this mongrel Socialist/Marxist Communist as to what she said should happen to all White Males in the United States. And you want this political Socialist Marxist b****(I removed that word, not the site) sitting on the Supreme Court?" What followed was a rant about Sotomayor and the comments get more hateful and vile.Peace.Rick BeaglePS Feel free to delete this after you read it… The sponsor link says Economic Crisis! Who’s to Blame? Vote Now!

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