Blog Author Takes Off Due to “Niceness of Weather”

Honest to goodness this is a live photo of what St. Louis has been like all July and will be like this week. Unicorns, rainbow ponies, dancing bears and everything. I kid you not. It’s NEVER been this nice in St. Louis in the middle of the summer. So this is an open thread. Let me know what the news is because I won’t be watching it!

Snob out!

12 thoughts on “Blog Author Takes Off Due to “Niceness of Weather”

  1. The weather in St. Louis has been amazing. I have rarely used the home AC; just opened windows and ceiling fans. There was one day a couple weekends ago where I was outside and actually had to rock some pants and a jacket. Wonderful summer. Just hope it doesn’t come back to bite us in August – or worse, this winter.

  2. It’s been brutally hot in North Carolina this July. I stayed indoors most of the time.

  3. David: you think so? I’ve been thinking it was eerily moderate here up until the past week or so.

  4. Hey Snob.Lucky you. The weather here in CT has been really weired. It rains almost every day. Luckily it was nice today for the taste of Carribean festival.

  5. St. Louis was very pleasant (and downright chilly somedays). I loved it. When I was in D.C. I was expecting it to be muggy but I was surprised to find it was perfect. Blue skies, breezy. New York was nice, too. The weather was wonderful everyday that I wasn’t in the Deep South. Now that I’m back…ugh…

  6. Ha! I used to LOVE Lisa Frank as a kid! (Actually, I still do, but I think flaunting my affinity for it at my age would be a little weird… At least I still have Hello Kitty… lol)

  7. @ hoodoowah, that isn’t exactly true and depends on the summer. Although they expect more humidity in August we have had a relatively speaking fairly un-humid summer, and I’ve lived here for 13 years and some years it is oppressively muggy all summer and years it is not so bad and kind of yo-yos around.

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