Lou Dobbs + Birthers = Bad Ratings

According to Gawker, CNN’s chief asshat Lou Dobbs has seen his ratings skid by more than 15 percent since he started all this “I believe the president is a citzen but why won’t that secret Muslim release his birth certificate?” nonsense. Seems CNN’s viewers don’t like hardcore wingnuttery.

From Gawker:

A 15% loss in total viewers in just two weeks! Well done Lou, well done. Just go ahead and fax your resume over to Fox News now, because you’ve probably alienated the average CNN viewer to the point of no return, and, try as you might, the average Fox News viewer isn’t going to flip the channel over to CNN ever, even when Shep Smith is on the air.

6 thoughts on “Lou Dobbs + Birthers = Bad Ratings

  1. I wonder if Lou’s contract w CNN is almost us. Looks like a good point of transtioning from CNN to FOX for his own segment on fair & balanced journalism.

  2. i like lou dobbs. i agree with most of his views and he’s pretty much down the middle. this just goes to show you how fickle and fairweather people are.

  3. I hope he fails, fails, fails into oblivion, never to be heard from again and I hope it happens very soon. We (as in the human species on this earth) have some MAJOR problems. I know that we can get to resolving all of them if we could just become more cooperative and focused on creating solutions. I think mainstream media could help get us there quickly if only we didn’t have the likes of this guy, Lou Dobbs, and his company, CNN (and all other right-wing media/personalities) spewing forth crap that will make racist white people insecure and ready to vote against their own best interests. The AM radio spectrum is ridiculous too, and when I listen to their shows mindful of the other folks listening who believe what they’re hearing, then it becomes horrific as I realize the effect it’s having, motivating racist folks to react in fear…And that CNN/LOU DOBS –> FOX/O’REILLY over-the-airwaves/cable/whatever handshake and thanks to each other is repulsive to me. I can’t bare to look at CNN and it’s logos anymore (just like FOX, etc., and I don’t drink Starbucks coffee since their product placement on Morning Joe, can’t stand looking at their logo now.)They’re doing the same thing with healthcare reform, scaring people by spreading lies… the beat goes on…

  4. Here’s an interesting graph that shows the polls regionally on the question, "Do you believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States of America or not?"http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/archives/individual/2009_07/019306.php"Outside the South, this madness is gaining very little traction, and remains a fringe conspiracy theory. Within the South, it’s practically mainstream."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I am glad these discussions are happening, and with the help of the Internet, maybe we can put an end to the Civil War once and for all over the next few years. This could mean that Lou Dobbs is only gaining ratings in the South.

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