All Obama All The Time

Think you see too much of the president? Too bad! He’s breaking all kinds of records of how much Obama you can cram in one media hole. Apparently, you can cram a lot.

From Forbes:

President Barack Obama appears to be breaking every record kept on U.S. presidential press coverage. Over the first six months of this year, he was cited in a staggering 1.1 million stories across mainstream, Internet and social media–an average of 6,100 references a day. That’s more than triple what Obama’s last two predecessors, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, got in the mainstream press during their first six months.

The president is tagged on 216,000 YouTube videos and mentioned in an average 15,000 blog posts a week, according to

Mark Knoller, a CBS News White House correspondent who has covered every president since Gerald Ford, says Obama’s ubiquity is unprecedented. In the first half of the year, says Knoller, the president delivered 281 speeches, gave 88 interviews to journalists, hosted 30 news conferences and emceed 14 town hall meetings. He gave an entire day’s worth of access to ABC’s Nightline and has held conference calls with bloggers.

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But is this a bad thing? Or a good thing? Or are you just tired of the prez preempting your programs? I think there can be a such thing as “Damn Barack, you’re on TV a lot.” I thought that as I sat and watched the AARP health care townhall on TV Wednesday, aired live on CNN. I thought, does a day go pass when I don’t see President Obama at a townhall or doing a press conference or just popping up in random-ass places, like the frickin’ Espys?

Yeah. He was doing it via satellite to give an award to Nelson Mandela … but the Espys???

At some point you just want to say … don’t you have staff that can do this? What’s their purpose? What’s Valerie Jarrett doing? Is Axelrod available for questioning? Can someone else step up to the plate and take a few swings? What’s that Timothy Geithner person doing? I mean, all we are is worried about the economy. Might be nice for him to say something coherent every once in a while. Just sayin!

Not that I don’t love the president’s handsome mug, but … you know what I’m saying.

10 thoughts on “All Obama All The Time

  1. One thing to remember is that "social media" (youtube, facebook, etc) and blogs were barely in existence during previous presidencies. I do agree that other people in his cabinet should be making appearances too, but I figured since he’s a new(and comparatively young) president he’s enjoying all the "new president stuff". Like giving awards to Nelson Mandela.

  2. Personally, I like seeing the President of the United States speak for himself, rather than the Vice-President doing all the talking as if he was President (We say you Dick "PuppetMaster" Cheney")Besides, other than his extended vacations, and his declarations of war, and his "Mission Impossible" banners, when did we ever really see Bush speak to Americans personally!Nope don’t mind Obama being on TV.

  3. nobody forces anyone to go to youtube to look him up. if the msm doesn’t want him on so much, then don’t put him on. but, you don’t get to put him on all the time, and the bitch and moan about him being overexposed.

  4. Asking Obama to stop doing press is like asking the St. Louis Cardinals to stop relying on Albert Pujols to drive in runs. Who else do they got?Biden – Excuse me while I laugh uncontrollably for 25 minutesGeitner – He has proven he can’t convince rabbits to screwClinton – Yeah, give her more power. Good ideaEmmanuel – Only if the White House installs a 7 second delay

  5. As with all things TV if you don’t like what you’re seeing, change the channel or turn it off.

  6. I don’t mind seeing him on TV either but it’d be nice to see some of his other staff members doing stuff too. I would love seeing Valerie Jarret on TV once in a while.

  7. Lady M, you have a point, he really has no support when it comes to the "public". They’ll call the shots behind closed doors and will collect their paychecks, but it appears that only the vice president has the balls to face the winds of American racism.

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